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International Purchase

I am trying to Purchase a Laptop from BestBuy. But Since I am a international customer who is outside from USA , I am unable to purchase it . My order is getting cancelled . Tried to place order through live chat support too. But they couldn't even help .
For internationally purchase I have been using the billing address as mentioned on the website .
10780 Kempwood Drive, Houston, TX 77043
Still my order keeps getting cancelled .
I don't have a relative or a friend in USA. I am trying to get it to my Country through a Shipping Courrier. And I used a Shipping Courrier Address to be shipped .
And let me add that I tried to place order through the customer support phone number, but after 30 min of waiting time within 5 min the person who was serving cut the call .
So I want to purchase this and get it shipped to a Shipping Courrier Address.
I would love to find a way for this to happen .
Thank you.

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Re: International Purchase

You're unfortunately out of luck.  The products sold at Best Buy are intended for use within the US.  While some find friends or family in the US to ship the items, who then ship them on to individuals outside of the country, Best Buy doesn't support this.  Any order with a known freight forwarding company as the destination will be automatically cancelled.  

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