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Incorrect Item Shipped

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I am beyond frustrated with Best Buy Customer Service. I purchased an item on 08/20/20 and the incorrect item was sent to me. AFter contacting customer service several times, I returned the incorrect item and waited for a refund. The next week, the same item was returned to me saying that the return cannot be processed b/c it is the wrong item. No kidding!!! Best Buy originally sent the wrong item. I was then told to include a letter and return the item again. I did, received an email with the refund and two days later UPS sent the same incorrect item back to me and retracted the refund. I am so upset and currently on hold for over an hour with Customer Service. Best Buy continues to make errors and all I want is a refund! The time and energy that I have spent is outrageous!. Please review my case {removed per forum guidelines} and help! This item was more than 500.00, I need a refund! Best Buy Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!