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I need to know how to lodge a complaint, please.

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Long story short - I went into Best Buy a few weeks ago to purchase a new stereo/backup cam setup and schedule installation. The process didn't go smoothly, but it's ok.


My main complaint is that one of the items was "shipped" on 8/18 and I received an email confirming this. However, as I checked the tracking, it sat at Label Printed status for 10 days. When I finally called in I was told that "no progress had been made" and that the order was out of stock. I would have had no way of knowing this unless I took over 30 minutes of my time to call in. I was then told I would be sent a refund. When I asked if there was any type of store credit or discount or anything that I could get to compensate me for the time and frustration, I was told "no". When I asked to speak to a manger, I was placed on hold for about 20 minutes (with no check-ins) and then told the manager was on the phone and that I would not be getting any type of reimbursement (credit, discount, anything..) for my time.


I'm concerned b/c the item that was "shipped" (but actually out of stock) was needed for my upcoming Geek Squad appointment next month. I had to go to another 3rd party site and order the part (it was cheaper there, actually. So I guess that's my reward for my time). Now I don't know if I'll get some kind of flack when I bring my car in for the scheduled work.


The case ID for the call I was given is {removed per forum guidelines}.


Please let me know what I can do to lodge a complaint or speak to someone who can help. This is a reason why I would always prefer to use sites like and seek out a local car installation shop to do the installation and stay away from Best Buy moving forward (I also signed up for a credit card :/)


Please get back to me. I'm frustrated, but friendly.




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Re: I need to know how to lodge a complaint, please.

I can see my post has been edited/seen by a moderator, but there has been no response. Please let me know when I should expect an answer. This is pretty frustrating.

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Re: I need to know how to lodge a complaint, please.

Any post that contains information that violates the rules get edited as quicly as possible to bring them in compliance.  This is for your safety as this forum is public.  Currently looks like about a 4 day wait to get a reply, based on which posts the moderators have reached.  This could vary based on other duties like cleaning up posts, staffing levels on any given day, the number of posts they receive, and how long it takes to work each post.  Keep in mind, they aren't just sending a quick reply but follow up with anyone needed to resolve/respond to a topic.

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Re: I need to know how to lodge a complaint, please.

Good evening, Chris,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  I apologize for the delay in our response to your post, as we've been experiencing a slight backlog on our Support Forums over the past few days, causing us to reply to our customers a bit later than we'd typically expect.  I'm sorry to hear there was a portion of your order that didn't arrive as expected, and hearing your previous contacts to our other support teams only added to your frustration is especially disheartening.


I am glad to hear they were able to assist in getting this portion of your order refunded, however, it's disappointing to know you had to spend so much time to get this accomplished.  While we'll be unable to offer you compensation for your time, please know I'll be fully documenting your experience here at our Corporate Headquarters for any coaching or training opportunities that may present themselves.  I truly appreciate you taking the time to call our attention to this experience, and I'm optimistic your feedback will help us to provide a better experience for our customers in the future.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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