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I have a question as a customer. i'm a buyer and returner

I buy a lot from Best buy. but I also do a lot of returns ( not that I want to) I'm also very tech savy.


I bought an Asus q529 - i'm very tech savy

the first one had a coil wine. ( in other words if the fan went fast it made a high pitch noise. my hp didnt. ( but i hate hp for other reasons) but everything else on the asus was perfect. I got a refund and bought another computer. Same model.

the 2nd laptop ran hot even under nornal use. I didn't even hold on to it for 5 min.

I swapped that a 3rd one The third one doesn't run as hot as the 2nd one but it's not as cool as the first one.

I decided to buy a 4th laptop and compair it to the 3rd one. That one was great - but something happened to the wifi card and it was only getting 1.5 mbps while the pc next to it was getting like 350mbps. ( both pc's were on 5G) I reloaded the os, put the latest drivers in from Intel direcdtly, updated the Bios - nothing I did could save that laptop. I just returned for a refund and kept the 3rd.

I was sad because on the last computer it benched marked in 100 more points than the one I was now. it did run a tad cooler than the one I have now.

My question - to a layman can I be ban from Best Buy because I want what I pay for? yes I undertstand I'm a perfectionist but at the same time if I'm paying over a $1000 for a laptop I want it to be right. I made this laptop go from being in the 35% tile to 55% tile with the pcmark benchmark. the 4 th one was at 65%. I know I'm right - but at the same time I have anxiety showing up at the store because I look like a buyer and returner. If I drive to another store - they have resentment taking a product back if the unit was bought in a different one.

Right now nothing happened and I have the 3rd one. But what is the policies on people like me. Agtain It's not my fault. The real issue is quallity control from the manufacture.

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Re: I have a question as a customer. i'm a buyer and returner

Disclaimer: I don't work for Best Buy. But they used to employ a retail database that tracked your returns and if you had a suspicious pattern of return activity they would warn your at the register that you would be banned from further returns if it kept up.


Doing a search on Google they discontinued it in 2018.That being said, Best Buy can still deny you for any return based on their guidelines if your returns don't comply with the Return and Exchange policy set forth on their site. If you continue to return items of a high value, the manager or supervisor or employee has the ability to deny the excessive returns if they know you well in the store. 


In this case you should work with the manufacturer to resolve any issues with the hardware.

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