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I got sent a suspicious email

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Hi I got sent this email I think someone was trying to use my email on your service that was not me.

Please investigate this for me thanks Best Buy team,

I have attached the email you guys sent me for context.

“ You may need to create an account.

We received a request to reset your password on®.

However, we don't have an account associated with this email address. You can try to sign in with a different email address.

You can also create a new account using any email address you choose.

Happy Shopping!

Your Best Buy Customer Care Team”

My email that was sent too was

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Re: I got sent a suspicious email

Hi, Requester18383!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Securing your account and protecting yourself from spam, phishing, and hacking attempts is becoming increasingly challenging in the digital world. 


Although it is possible that this message was sent in error, someone may be trying to access potential accounts with Best Buy, leading to password reset emails being generated. If you do not have an account with Best Buy, this message should be deleted. Here are some additional resources on protecting your online accounts, as well as protecting yourself and your loved ones from cybercrime and fraud scams.


Hope this helps!

Ravi|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: I got sent a suspicious email

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