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I can't print a receipt and get rewards points for any of my past purchases

I recently purchased 2 monitors. I need a copy of the receipt to register my monitors on the manufacturers website. I am a MY BEST BUY rewsrds member and the information on the help screens say I should see a 'print receipt' on the top right of the screen while viewing the order. Whether I use the mobile app or, I don't get a 'print receipt' for any of my past purchases. I chatted with 4 agents in a span of 24 minutes. All of the provided me links for one of my purchases and they said I should see the 'print receipt' option. None of their links worked as far as being able to print a receipt. I called the 888 customer support number twice and the automated voice said the wait time is less than 3 minutes. During both of those calls, I waited for more than 20 minutes and then hung up. Another issue is my BEST BUY rewards is linked to my online account but I never got rewards points for the past 4 or 5 purchases totaling more than $3000. What is going on? Customer support sucks and the online/rewards system is not working right. I need receipts and reward pounts. Is that too much to ask? Is there any other way I can get someone from BB to solve my issues?
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Re: I can't print a receipt and get rewards points for any of my past purchases

Hello, l3m.


Thank you for joining us here on the Community Forums! I understand how important it is to have those receipts in order to be able to register your monitors. I can relate to the frustrations that come along when a website just doesn't seem to want to do what you need it to do. I'm sure having difficulties with getting the help you need is not the ideal situation either.


I love being able to get points that can be used to save money on other purchases, so I understand how important this is to get resolved. Therefore, I would be more than happy to take a look at those purchases for you.


To get started, please use the blue button that is located to the right of my signature to send me a Private Message. In that Private Message, please include your full name, phone number, and email. If you have any order numbers or transaction information, please include that as well. Thanks!



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