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I am still paying for a refrigerator I returned 3 months ago, PLEASE HELP ME!

I purchased a refrigerator from a store via best 


It was an open box buy that was rated incorrectly, rated as excellent, but in reality there was cosmetic damage, a leveling foot was missing the drip tray for water was missing, and the water dispenser worked for one week, .I still had time to return the fridge, so I made the decision to give it back to them. They picked it up from my house, but somehow I still received my bill from best buy credit, showing a $1600 balance.


I thought that surely this was a mistake, so I called the credit card co. They told me that they had no record of my return. 


Here we are, 3 bills later, and still- I am paying for this item that I do not have. How is this legal business practice?? 


I have spent countless hours on the phone with Best Buy, and posted several times in this forum. Customer service is still showing me as having the refrigerator, I have ring doorbell footage of them picking the fridge back up from my house the first week in July. I do not have this, and have to keep paying this bill to prevent my credit from taking a hit. I will never ever ever purchase anything from Best Buy ever again! I just want to go back to living my life and stop losing sleep because I already had credit card debt. This is just wrong, and unfair, and I don't know why they can't figure this out. 


I had someone helping me in this forum, but was ghosted on Sept 9th. That is the last time I heard from them. They said they were going to look into my issue on the 13th, and I have heard nothing else. Original purchase was made June 18th. This is absurd. I don't know what to do.

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Re: I am still paying for a refrigerator I returned 3 months ago, PLEASE HELP ME!

Well, I didn't know what else to do, I disputed the charge with my Best Buy credit card. Felt like I had been ghosted by the forum person who had been helping me as of Sept 9th. 


Since they are connected, I am hoping that will make a difference. There should be a massive paper trail since I have spoken with so many customer service people over the phone, online and via chat, I am hoping they will review this case promptly. My bill was actually $1750, and $133 was refunded since I also didn't need geek squad protection. Was still being charged for the refrigerator that Best Buy picked up from my house. What a nightmare. Looks like I am not the only one who has had issues with waiting for a refund. 

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Re: I am still paying for a refrigerator I returned 3 months ago, PLEASE HELP ME!

Hello, enotsremmah.


Thank you for reaching out to us again about your situation, we have reached out to you via private message with a update on your situation. Please respond to our private message as soon as possible. 


Thank you,


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