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I Need to talk to Someone That can Actually Help Me.

I pre ordered Call of Duty Modern Warfare that comes out October 25th, 2019. When I first initally tried to pre order the game I noticed that the order got cancelled. I found that odd as I use my BestBuy credit card for all my purchases at BestBuy and nothing ever goes wrong. I thought okay that was weird but let me try that again. I tried at least 4 MORE times and every time the pre order got cancelled within 5 minutes of me placing the order. This is obviously annoying as I do not know what is cauing this issue. My address, my name, and anything else regarding personal information is correct on the card so I do not undersatnd what the issue is. So I called BestBuy customer support. This is the worse part. I've called them at least 10-12 times between different days and they are not helpful in the least. will answer and I will explain the situation to them and they will say sorry this is a BestBuy citi credit card department issue and I'll get transffered over there. I explain to that person the same thing and they say sorry this is a issue you will need to talk to them so I get transfered to them again, and so on and no forth. The biggest run aorund I have ever seen. I've talked to at least 10 dfferent customer service representitves and they all just transfer me between those two departments. This happened every single time I called them. I must of called them a total of 10-12 times and they ALL did the same thing to me, just tell me that the other department needs to handle the problem. They clearly have no idea whats going on and who needs to handle this issue. 


So my Pre order got canclled 5 times, have no idea why. So here I am still not being able to pre order the Call of Duty Modern Warefare game with my BestBuy credit card and cusomer service cant even help me at all. I need to talk to someone that knows whats going on. Please.

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Re: I Need to talk to Someone That can Actually Help Me.

Hello, JuanCure,


Thanks for thinking of Best Buy when you decided to pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare! October is coming up fast so I totally understand wanting to get an order in as quickly as possible. I’d love to see what I can do to shed some light and help.


There can be a number of reasons for orders to unexpectedly cancel. Typically, reviewing your order to ensure that the information is entered correctly (as you’ve described) is a great place to start. After that, considering your shipping address, to ensure it’s valid, along with your billing information would be the next steps. You can see more about unexpected order cancellations on our Knowledge Base Article here.  


It should be a simpler process to figure out next steps, so, while I cannot change what has gone before, I’d love to dig in to see what I can find out to assist going forward. Using the information you used for registration on the forum, I was not able to locate any recent orders, so, to get started, I’ll need a bit more information from you. Please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and some of your more recent cancelled order numbers. You should be able to send me a private message by logging into the forum and selecting that option in my signature below this post.



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