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Why are you sending everything to the wrong address suddenly? Do you really want to lose customers?

I moved away from my Florida address nearly a year ago, I've had things ordered and arrive correctly but now twice in a row i've given the correct address all the way through the order only to have your system override the correct address with my old address.  Both the problem deliveries were/are UPS I believe so whomever is having the issue had better find their big boy panties and pull them up because I'm tired.  If this happens again there will be no more business with best buy period.  I dug around in the website tonight and found a list of addresses and sure enough old one was in there and marked as default which does not explain why a couple of deliveries seem to have gone out correctly.  If i'm putting a different address in from your default why does nothing ever question it?   PLEASE PERMANENTLY EXCISE THE FLORIDA ADDRESS FROM YOUR SYSTEM.  If your system misdirects something I will not pay for it!!!!!  I hope to god you can snatch my package from the jaws of the wrong address in Florida again.  So I can wait days longer again maybe if you paid your web site designers better you'd end up with a system that works right.  

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Change Shipping Address

I ordered a gaming PC on 27 June. The shipping address used was mistakenly our old home address in a different state. I immediately noticed this as the order was placed and tried to correct it but the "make changes to address" option was grayed out instantly. I then called the 1-888-BEST BUY line and the person said they would make the address correction. I can only assume the person on the phone with me forgot i was on the line because they proceeded to keep me on hold for 59 minutes before i decided to hang up. I called the number again and got more of the same treatment only on hold after being told the change would be made for about 30 minutes this time before i decided to hang up. As the call center reps were deemed useless at this point i tried the live chat feature on the website. They told me that no changes could be made until the order was shipped and it hadnt been shipped yet. They advised me to contact them again after the item status changes to shipped and they could assist me in changing the address. This makes absolutely zero sense. And i really dont want a $3500 computer going to an address in another state that I have no clue who lives there.

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order returned to bestbuy center

So I am trying to ship an order to my home and I forgot to add the room number in the address. The deliveryman said that the order had been returned to BBY and a refund is being proccessed is it still possible for me to change my address.


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Re: order returned to bestbuy center

No. It will have to be re ordered
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Website/App issue

I’m not able to view and change shipping/pick-up order details on the website and app.
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Re: Website/App issue

Some items can be changed within X amount of time but others not so lucky as the order fulfillment process accelerates pretty rapidly - Calling the 888 number may be quicker but you can get help here, just be aware that you may encounter a reply so yeah, calling is best or chat.

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Skyward Sword Delay

Is there anyway I can change my delayed preorder from shipping to in-store pickup? I could go to my local Best Buy tomorrow and pick up the game, I’m not trying to wait until it decides to ship.
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Samsung QN90 Delivery Issues

I had scheduled delivery for today, August 20th between 7am and 1pm EST. This was the only option for the order, I could not pick it up at one of the 5 stores in my area.


I got the confirmation email, after purchase and mybestbuy card was charged for the order total. I was supposed to get a phone call confirming the delivery yesterday the 19th, which I did not receive. Now it is asking for me to reschedule for next week. I specifically took work off for the 20th. I will not be taking another day off, just to have them drop the tv in my front hall. It's not even a setup or mounting.


Now I don't have a TV and I'm out a whole days work. Costing me time and money, with nothing to show for it. I can't get anyone to help other than saying sorry on the phone. I'm willing to drive to pick up the tv, as long as they will come to take the dead TV, which I ordered and the order page still says that is happening today.


Maybe I can get some help here?

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Re: How do I easily change pickup locations using in-store pickup?

I also have that problem.  I went on the chat to ask that same question.  They said that the issue would be given to the tech division.  But having seen similar messages on this forum, it would seem that it's been a common problem this year.  I tried clearing cache and internet history but that did not improve things. It is annoying since it reverts back to the wrong location if I do anything else like searching for items