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I Need to Change My Shipping Address/Delivery Method

Greetings, Best Buy Customers,


You’ve placed your order, the email confirmation has come through, and then you realize it; the shipping address is incorrect.  Or maybe you realize that now you want that ship-to-home order to be picked up in-store, or vice versa.


If an order is being shipped to an incorrect shipping address, the option to modify this order can only occur within the first 30 minutes of it being placed (during our busy holiday season, it might be shorter.). Once this time frame has passed, we cannot assist in updating an address. Also, making changes to an order for an item that is now sold out on could cause the order to cancel. 


In the case of a pre-order, if the item has limited inventory, like many collector’s editions of games or movies, the inventory of these items will be locked to their shipping location and are unable to be modified. The order may be cancelled and replaced with your new address, depending on the product’s availability.


In any case, it is recommended to contact the carrier directly after an item ships to see what options might be available. For example, enrolling in UPS My Choice will allow you to track and manage your shipments. Other carriers may have their own options. 


More information on cancelling an order can be found here.

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Worst BestBuy experience EVER

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February 1st, I ordered an open-box iWatch, which was stated as "ready in one hour" at my local store. It MUST be in that store, right? Well, we just had a big snow storm come through and I didn't want to drive. And that is where I went awry.


I placed the online order and had it shipped to my address. Everything was fine, until the transaction was completed and I noticed that the shipping address had changed from my current house to an old apartment address. AARRRRGG!! I checked everything before I placed the order and it was all good.


So, the website won't allow me to change the order, since they are processing it at the store level. I quickly call the store and am on hold for 10+ minutes before the call was picked up for a second and then hung up. I figure I just use the live chat feature online and take care of it that way. 30 minutes after I placed the order, I was told by Robert {removed per forum guidelines} everything was good to go.


I check on my order this morning and both BestBuy and UPS's site confirm that the package is going to the old, wrong address. And, it is being shipped from Columbus (100 miles away). Working in retail the past 20 years, I know that if I want to get my product today, I will have to go into the UPS system and change the address to a local business, who acts like a UPS depot and will hold my package for me. That costs me $6 and I'll have to get out into the snow.


I wait until BestBuy's chat support opens for the day and I get a gal named Velvet Skye. Now, honestly. I understand that everything is sub-contracted out to a third-world nation and that Americans don't have a clue about foreign names, so reps use fake names to make us Americans feel better. But, do they all have to sound like names from the adult entertainment industry? As soon as I saw "Velvet Skye", I lost all confidence.


Velvet is the bad example that should be used in your training videos. She never apologized or empathized with the customer. She didn't listen to my request and then took actions that I never requested. When I voiced concern that I had no faith my product would arrive at my house today, there was merely a repeat of what she stated earlier "Please wait till end of the day, you will get your order to correct shipping address".


I've been in my house for two years now and I've been thinking about rennovating the kitchen as soon as I get my tax return. I'm very happy that BestBuy screwed up a $400 iWatch delivery, because now I know not to look at any appliances from BestBuy. I'm not going to drop $2500-$3500 on all new appliances at BestBuy with this kind of track record. Talking with some of my own customers, BestBuy is considered one notch above ABC Warehouse - only because BestBuy employees don't yell at you on your way out the door. Most folks around here avoid both of those locations, unless they are desperate.


The local store doesn't answer the phone (this isn't the first time I've called to store and gotten nobody). The cashiers are usually great, but the guys on the sales floor are usually up by the cell phones in a pack, talking about gaming or computer tech. The last time I wanted an item from a secured case, the guy walked like he was strolling through the park as he walked to the back of the store, got the case key, then took his slow boat from China back to the product. I kid you not: it took over 5 minutes just to get a hard drive out of the case. The time before that, a guy tried to sell me the wrong ink cartridges, then tried to sell me blank CDs instead of DVDs.


2021 is a time for change and it's time I started shopping elsewhere.

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Re: Worst BestBuy experience EVER

Not more than five minutes after I posted this, I got a text message that my package had been delivered to...the auto parts store, who acts as a UPS depot. Spent 15 minutes shovelling out a small path to the garage, plowed through the drifts in the driveway, and got my package within 20 minutes.

So, I saved $40 by getting an open box item. But I spent an hour of my time, $6, and aggrevation because a foreign customer support person doesn't know their job. It was a nice thought, but BestBuy is definitely out of the picture now. I just spent the money for an Amazon Prime account. I'll just get all my computer and tech needs there.
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Change shipping address

I placed a order one item is going to a old address and the other item is going to the correct address. I am unable to change the address now.
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Re: Change shipping address

It may be too late to have it changed. You can call Best Buy at 1-888-BEST-BUY to see if they can do it. Otherwise if it already shipped an intercept on the package can be attempted.


If you see the cancel button in your account you can do that as well and place a new order. Calling would be fastest as these forums can be busy at times and an immediate reply from official staff is not guaranteed.

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Order being shipped to old address rather than the new one I put in?

Hello! I recently made an order for 2 microSD Cards coming out to about $31.

I had looked at the order page about a minute or two afterwards to see that it was set to go to a previous address rather than the one I set it to go to in the delivery instructions. The problem being, it would not let me change any details as the boxes were grayed out and said "You may not modify your purchase as it is being processed"

Is there any way to update delivery location to the one I had set down for it or get a refund to get it at another location.

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Need to change shipping address, but shipping has already started

I just realized a mistake in my shipping address and I can’t change it. Is there anyway to change it even though the shipping process has already started?
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Need to change my delivery address

I need to change my delivery address because the address is wrong.
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Wrong shipping address due to old default address

I recently ordered an item online, but didn't realize that my default shipping address was my old home address from a different state.  I quickly called customer support, and they told me that they can intercept the package and change the delivery address but told me it would take 48 hours after shipping for that to happen.  They couldn't answer why it takes 48 hours, but I had to use myUPS to delay the "delivery" of the package otherwise it would have been delivered to the wrong address.  


Why does it take so long for a package delivery address to be changed by Bestbuy?  I contacted UPS and they told me that they haven't received anything from Bestbuy to change the shipping address.

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Online Shipments Going to Wrong Address Help

Hi, I noticed my online shipments are headed to wrong address in a different state. The shipments show as being shipped and are in transit. Can you please contact the carriers and have them reroute the orders? Thanks!