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Why are you sending everything to the wrong address suddenly? Do you really want to lose customers?

I moved away from my Florida address nearly a year ago, I've had things ordered and arrive correctly but now twice in a row i've given the correct address all the way through the order only to have your system override the correct address with my old address.  Both the problem deliveries were/are UPS I believe so whomever is having the issue had better find their big boy panties and pull them up because I'm tired.  If this happens again there will be no more business with best buy period.  I dug around in the website tonight and found a list of addresses and sure enough old one was in there and marked as default which does not explain why a couple of deliveries seem to have gone out correctly.  If i'm putting a different address in from your default why does nothing ever question it?   PLEASE PERMANENTLY EXCISE THE FLORIDA ADDRESS FROM YOUR SYSTEM.  If your system misdirects something I will not pay for it!!!!!  I hope to god you can snatch my package from the jaws of the wrong address in Florida again.  So I can wait days longer again maybe if you paid your web site designers better you'd end up with a system that works right.