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I Didn't Receive a Confirmation Email

Hello there! 


Thank you for choosing to shop with Best Buy this holiday season! As it's only just begun, we hope you'll be able to participate in the amazing deals to come. When we shop online we keep a close eye on every order placed, meticulously watching for any updates, and would be on high alert if a confirmation email didn't come through as expected! There are times where Best Buy accepts a great number of orders, or site maintenance is happening, which may result in a delay in your confirmation email. 


Please feel welcome to review this informational post for further assistance. This should provide you with answers to questions you may have regarding the whereabouts of your purchase. 


TL: DR - we are not able to assist with providing or generating order confirmation emails, please check here for more information on how to view the status of your order.


Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your order!