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Husband ordered online but order put my name on it

So husband ordered something. He didn't log into any account. He slected something, put it in his cart and paid with his paypal. He never typed my name on the order. When he went to pick it up, they refused to give it to him because the order had my name on it. I had to drag my sick butt out of bed to pick it up. I called first asking why this happened. Was given answers that made no sense and I said if a retail store carries so little product that I'm forced to buy online, then I will buy from a real online retailer who provides excellant service rather than deal with a retailer who gives grief when picking up orders. He said go buy wherever you want, I don't care and hung up on me. I called back and spoke with manager who pretty much said you have strict rules to protect consumers from themselves. Said he ordered it under my name to which I replied he didn't. He used his information, but my name was put on the order by your system. She was rude as well. No one is listening. I'm not going to jump through hoops and log into an account I haven't used in years and list the names of people that can pick up. Ridiculous. I rarely shop Bestbuy and have no desire to earn points or be elite or get annoying emails from you. I'm done with Bestbuy. When common sense ceases to exist in a company and rules become so rigid that they do not allow for issues like names being associated to an address, then that company isn't worth my time. Every person I spoke with had an annoyed attitude. Not once did anyone apologize for the inconvenience or act in any way interested in this problem. I do find it interesting that when we recently ordered a microwave, he was able to pick it up without hassle and it has my name on that order too. The store is empty, so why everyone seems annoyed is a mystery. Also the email associated with the account is his name@domain and his ID shows that name and our shared address. As well, you could call the phone number associated with the account and speak with the account holder. We also tried to add his name to the list for pickup but never got the pin number in an email. This is so stupid and annoying. As I was leaving, I was hassled for a receipt. I didn't get any paperwork and order pick up is right next to the exit. Why do you need to be so dificult?

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Re: Husband ordered online but order put my name on it

Hi, Marycontrary-


Welcome to Best Buy's community forum. Having the ability to add a friend or family member to my store pickup order, has had many great benefits for me when life gets busy. I am sorry to learn that you and your husband this option only caused an inconvenience for you.  


While I will not be able to explain why the order has your name instead of your husband's name, I can let you know that orders are generated with the information entered at the time of check-out. I will be happy to document the concern for you, allowing our business teams to have the visibility to your order for future evaluations. When you get a chance, please send me a private message with your name, email address, and phone number. Send the message by logging on to the forum and selecting the 'Private Message' option found in my signature. 


Thank you for your time,

Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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