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Hurricane closed my local store, option to switch to Ship for my order is greyed out

Got this email:
"Due to recent events, your selected store has been temporarily closed with a reopening date that has not yet been determined. As a result, your order will not be available for pickup at our store. However, we do have two options for you to get your order on time:

1. Change your order to have it shipped to your home
2. Choose a different store location for pickup

To get started, simply check your current order status at

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and value your continued loyalty to Best Buy."

Logging in all options to change from pickup to ship are greyed out and says I cannot modify order.
The only option I have is "cancel and other" when I chose the answer that "I cannot pick up the order" for reason to cancel, site asks to confirm...when in the past I remember chosing that option will trigger the ship option even if the previous change to ship option was greyed out.

The option to change to another store is greyed out too which I'm not interested in anyways coz next closest open store is about 100 miles away.
Posts: 13
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Re: Hurricane closed my local store, option to switch to Ship for my order is greyed out

I had to get this item today so it is no longer on time now. Is there anyone in CS that can change this for me or will it just time out and autocancel after 7 days coz I can't make any changes?
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Re: Hurricane closed my local store, option to switch to Ship for my order is greyed out

Greetings, adtr09,


Thanks for posting! Hurricanes and other natural disasters are no joke, so I hope you and your family are safe and well. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control we may need to close certain stores to keep customers and employees safe. In such circumstances, while we always hope to offer our customers alternatives for service and order fulfillment, options may be limited, and order modification may not always be possible.


If a self-service option is grayed out, that indicates the option is not systemically possible even when speaking to a representative. For example, if there is a hurricane in your area, mail carriers may not be accepting new shipments as their services lines could be disrupted. As for the possibility of automatic cancellation, that depends on the status of your local store and where in the fulfillment process your order was when you received the notification you describe. It’s hard to say exactly what is happening in your area without more information so I cannot promise a certain outcome. If you’re still in need of assistance, though, I’ll be more than glad to review your order so I can best advise on next steps.



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