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Huge Delivery Issues!!!!!!



I placed an order for a Sony Camera on September 16, 2020.  The scheduled delivery was for Nov. 18th, 2020.  I didn’t get the package from Fedex and I called Best Buy and they spent some days to find out the product and they saw it was lost. Then, they send another item without letting me know and it was also lost and I asked customer service minimum of 20 calls and spend atleast total of 80 hours of my time. You can check, I have got minimum 15 times case number to resolve the issue and they asked me I should get a call from best buy within 2 days. Every time I was waiting for the call but I didn’t get it. After calling a lot of times I just got refund yesterday! Not sure how much angry I am! It might be a very bad idea I ordered it in Best Buy. I have bought several items from BEST Buy, and I got treated like this. I am an PhD data scientist working in HDR. It gave me a lot of trouble so that I want to tell you guys!

In short, I'm not being provided any compensation for the delay and inconvenience of having to wait around for a delivery that doesn't come on time.  What's worse is only offering compensation once and after the delivery seems like a way to gain leverage over the customer.

I like Best Buy and the products they sell.  They are the only real big electronics retailer besides P.C. Richards in my region.  However, after this experience I will no longer order appliances from them, especially because you usually can get the same product at Amazon for the same price, and they'd likely delivery it on time (even if its a little later)


I'm hoping this message is seen by someone at Best Buy that can actually offer a resolution to this and make things right.