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How to file a complaint?

After several frustrating calls with zero resolutions, I am very curious how a customer is able to file a complaint formally other than going to the Better Business Bureau?

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Re: How to file a complaint?

Good Afternoon tmgreenwald,


Welcome to our community! We’re sorry to hear that you found us looking to share a less than ideal experience with Best Buy. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to post to us.


Can you please sharing what you’re look for help with? We’d be happy to see how we might be able to help. As noted here all of us with a -BBY after our names work out of the Corporate Office. If you prefer, you’re welcome to share with us privately. A private message can be sent by choosing the Blue Private Message button in my signature. We look forward to hearing more about your experience to see what insight or assistance we can offer you at this time.



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Re: How to file a complaint?

Pretty straightforward: as outlined in the terms and conditions the tablet will be replaced with a comparable unit up to the original purchase price. If you choose a replacement that exceeds the value of the credit, you would be responsible for that balance.

As for the Geek Squad Protection, the length of the plan applies only for repairs. If the item covered is not able to be repaired for any reason, the plan is fulfilled (not canceled). It is this fulfillment that allows you to receive a replacement unit. You are under no obligation to purchase coverage on your replacement unit, you will receive the standard warranty from the tablet manufacturer and standard return policy from Best Buy free of charge. To make sure your new tablet has the same level of protection as your old tablet, you can choose to purchase it on the replacement device.

Hope this helps summarize the Protection Plan you purchased.
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