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How to Fix Cart or Checkout Issues on

How to Fix Cart or Checkout Issues on


Are you experiencing issues with adding items to your cart on, have a mystery item that isn’t showing in your cart, or troubles getting to the checkout? The below steps will typically fix most cart or checkout issues on


  1. Sign out of your account by selecting where it says “Hi, {Name}” at the top of the page and select “Sign Out” from the drop down menu. Sign Out 

  2. This should clear any items from your cart. If not, it is recommended to clear any contents that are showing.

  3. While still signed out, add a random item to your cart. This should not be the same item that you were trying to add before.

  4. Click the “Checkout” button
    Checkout Button
  5. On the next screen sign into your account

    Returning Customers

  6. Once you are signed in, this should reset any issues with the cart or checkout process. You are free to delete the random item from your cart, and proceed with placing your order.


If these steps don’t work the first time, you may consider repeating the steps with these changes.


  • In Step 1, also log out of your account on any other devices and close out of your open browsers and Best Buy mobile app.
  • Before continuing to Step 2, clear your browser cache, delete temporary internet files, and delete your cookies.
  • In some instances, placing an order through the mobile app versus a web browser has been known to clear cart or checkout issues.
  • If you are having troubles with checking out using the mobile app, you may consider uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app on your device, then trying again to place your order. 


Are you still having troubles with adding items to your cart or checking out? Let us know by posting on our Customer Service – forum, and we will do our best to help!

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Best Buy Cart won't open

I can't add anything to my cart as it says that I would exceed the maximum quantity of items. I also can't open my cart, neither from the app nor any browser, in order to empty it or even check out. According to the app, there is an error whereas on the website it says my cart is empty when I click on it but the cart icon has a badge with "20" over it.

I really can't make a different account for shopping online, as I am a totaltech member and don't want to try and transfer it over.

Any help would be appreciated!
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My shopping cart says it's reached the maximum limit of 22 items and now will not load for 3 months.

My shopping cart has been a disaster for 3 months now and I've been on the phone with 5 to 8 different people on only 3 attempts to try and fix this issue. I cannot remove any items, because the cart will not even load! It says "We couldn't load the page, Please try again later." I have even let the customer service team take over my laptop remotely and they said it would be fixed in a few hours, that was 3 months ago. They made me create a new account, then wait 72 hours for the accounts to merge and I'm still having the same issue. I'm starting to feel like even the tech team doesn't know what to do. Please Help, anyone!