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How long does shipping take?

I just wanna know how long my laptop will take to arrive.
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Re: How long does shipping take?

Various factors apply.


Which laptop, is it in stock.  Where you live.  Various zip codes will take longer.


Personally I would STONGLY recommend picking the laptop up yourself in a store.


If you are logged in with a Best Buy account when your looking at products on their pages it will show you the expected date to get your laptop.  Keeping in mind that date is an estimate and NOT a gurantee.  Simply because there are way to many factors that Best Buy can and cannot control.


I ordered a Laptop from BB that is not even carried in the store but is order only.  The expected time to get it was 9 or 10 days.  I received notice in 5 days that it was ready to pick up. 

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