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How do I disable bby verification code request to Complete my purchase?

How do I disable bby verification code request to Complete my purchase? There are items that are sold out within seconds if you are not fast enough. When I hear this particular item is coming in I wait until I see add to cart. After waiting for hours of waiting the product finally became available. Now I am logged in, payment method and shipping address have been stored prior. I finally get the item in my cart, select paying with debit/credit card the i get a message asking for a verification number to complete my purchase. By the time I get the verification and enter it the product is sold out. I spent hours on the phone when this happened in Dec and the service rep stated within 2 weeks my acct will be fixed and this will not happen again, but it did and cost hours of my day for a 2nd time. After losing the first one another popped up so I clicked moved to cart and got it added. I got past without it asking for a code because i just entered one minutes before but when I got to the shipping, billing & credit card I had to complete all of my info, address, and credit card from scratch even though I was logged in with all of my profile completed, payment method stored. This is extremely frustrating and I am asking how to fix the acct so that It does not ask me for 1. A verification and 2nd. Keep it from asking to re enter all of the info that is already in my profile? This cost me hours! Of my day twice! Help me please with this issie