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How To File A Complaint (Same Day Delivery - Best Buy Dublin, CA)



I'm curious how to file a formal complaint against the terrible service/treatment from the Team & Management @ Best Buy Dublin, CA. I purchased a Dyson - V11 Torque Drive Cord-Free Vacuum ($600) opting for Same Day Shipping. While awaiting the vacuum (Wednesday, 4/29/2020), I was outside building a storage shed. Around 6:30PM (I was STILL outside) & I received a notification via text that the package was delivered. I have an ADT surveillance system, an Arlo Camera + a Ring Pro Doorbell, NONE of which alerted me of anyone anwhere near the front door. I called Best Buy Dublin, only to receive a voice message that the store was closed for the day. I had no choice but to contact Best Buy again in the AM.


Thursday, 4/30: Morning comes around & I contact the 888 #. I was told (as expected), that the package was delivered. I mentioned that if it was delivered, it wasn't to the correct house. They mentioned that Same Day delivery is initiated by the local store & they would sync w/ the Manager to relay concerns. The last update I received Thursday morning was that they contacted Best Buy Dublin directly & their Manager would reach out to me personally to relay status. That never happened...


Friday, 5/1: I contacted the loca. store directly this time & spoke with an individual (I don't recall his name) who was confused as to why I called THEM vs the 888 #. I requested he look for any notes compiled from my previous calls, hoping a every call I received was documented. He then stated, "The package was delivered & we have a picture that proves it." I said (once again), if a package was delivered, it WAS NOT to my house. I then requsted (if possible) to forward me a picture of the package OR describe what the porch looked like. He said he would look into it & would call me back. Later that afternoon, he DID call me back & asked me to describe my porch. I said, "2 Large double doors, 2 door mats & a ton of succulents surrounding the door/porch." He said, "Well, I see two double doors, so it sounds like it was dropped off to the right house." I said, "Do you see any floor mats? Do you see any plants?" He said, "It's kind of hard to tell, let me take another look & I'll call you back..." He DID NOT call me back...

Later that afternoon, I once again called Best Buy Dublin & spoke to someone else this time (around 3:42PM PDT). This time, whoever I spoke to (I believe from Geek Squad?) was easily one of the rudest individuals I've EVER interacted with. I've worked in Customer Service in the past & the tone of his voice, his lack of empathy for my situation, etc... was repulsive. He basically said, "I don't know what to tell you, there's nothing we can do. It's the carriers fault." I told him, BEST BUY was the carrier (or at least a courier of Best Buy). I told him this is what the 888 # told me in regards to Same Day Deliveries. He rudely stated, "I've been with Best Buy over TEN YEARS & we DO NOT have same day delivery." Then told me to contact the 888 # since there was nothing they could do. I told him, that Same Day Delivery was an option during checkout & my order history proves this. Then I relayed the following via my email:

Same‐Day Delivery Info
• When your order ships, we'll send you a separate email with tracking details
• Packages may arrive as late as 9PM, and deliveries occur 7 days a week - for more information visit FAQs about Best Buy Same-Day Delivery
• For business addresses, someone must be available to sign for the order


I then asked to speak to his manager & he said, "Well, my Manager relayed that there's nothing we can do." He REFUSED to let me speak to his manager (though based on my previous 3 calls, it appeared Management was also not willing to help me & dismissed me stating, "We have a picture that proves it was delivered to YOUR house."


About ready to give up (well, not really considering this was a $600 vacuum), I called the 888 number again @ 5:10PM PDT & this time, I spoke with someone named Jesus. He was easily the BEST rep I've spoken to in days. Willing to help me, went the extra mile, etc... He did however state that there was proof of delivery, but at least heard me out. He put me on hold for a bit of time (which was fine) & eventually returned to the call to present options. Ironically, while I was on hold, MY NEIGHBOR hand delivered the Vacuum to my house. I DID NOT want to take advantage of anyone or expect any freebies & I let Jesus know immediately that I finally received (after 2 days), my vacuum (hand delivered not from Best Buy, but from MY NEIGHBOR). I also requested that he mention this in his notes that my concerns from the very beginning were valid, despite EVERYONE dismissing me & stating, "We have a picture." He assured me it would be documented, though I feel this needs to be reported to the Dublin facility (where if you look at the recent Yelp reviews), you'll see I'm not the only one who is dissapointed with the treatment of the customers. Jesus provided me a reference # for my expeirence, which I'll relay as soon as someone responds to my request to file a complaint. I wasted many frustrating hours over the last few days, knowing that I paid over $600 for a product that was never delivered, yet NOBODY believed me nor wanted to help me (except for Jesus). Jesus saved the day & is a tremendous asset to your organization. The folks in Dublin, CA, however? Terrible...




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Re: How To File A Complaint (Same Day Delivery - Best Buy Dublin, CA)

Hello, Bryan, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out to us through the forums. As you can tell, we are a little backed up on inquiries, and I apologize for this delayed response. Regardless, we want to make sure your post has been addressed.


I hate to read about your recent experience with your vacuum delivery. This is a pricey purchase, and I can imagine your concern when you discovered the package was not delivered to your home, despite what its tracking stated. We never want our customers to have the kind of interactions you did with customer service and their local store.


In the end, I'm happy to hear you ended up receiving your vacuum, but I wish this would have occurred on time and was delivered by the designated courier. It sounds like you have great neighbors, though, I must say!


While I understand Jesus was able to provide the level of service we expect from our customer service representatives, I would like to make sure your experience has been properly documented in our system. I'd also like to look into reaching out to our Dublin store location to make them aware of your experience.


Please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name, below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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