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Horrible Customer Service

I ordered a TV online and was told, within hours, that it was ready to be picked up. I realized that it would take me at two days to pick it up myself because my car is being worked. I called Best Buy Express to find out how long deliver would take, once I was told that it would take a week I said nevermind, I'll just do the in-store pickup and agent said okay. Hours later I received an email stating that my TV was ready to be picked up. When I looked at the location though, it had been changed. The store that I had chosen was in Texas, where I reside while the one that had now been placed on it was in Compton California. I don't know how she even came to that conclusion and changed the address.
I called again and explained what the issue was and they stated that they would fix the address issue but then told me that they would have to refund me the money and charge me the money based on this store in Texas. I told them that would be an issue because refunds take forever to clear and it a Friday so the weekend would prolong that even further, I was trying to get the TV as soon as possible. She said not to worry about it and that was the end of the conversation.
Hours pass, I see an email saying that it was on hold due to payment not going in. I called again and after an hour of explaining to about 4 different agents that that wasn't going to process because I had no money in the bank (since I already bought it and was now waiting for the refund to kick in),they finally transferred me to a supervisor. I explained that I didn't want to wait for however long it would take to get the refund the buy the TV because it would surely be at least a week, the supervisor stated that she had fixed the issue and that I should have no issues with the order now.
Next day I go to pickup the TV and they tell me that there is a hold on it. I had gotten off my night shift and stayed up to 9 am just saw I can finally go get the TV. Tired as heck from this ordeal, I called again and spoke to an agent, I told them I wanted to speak to a supervisor over and over again but they stated he was too busy and that they knew how to fix the issue themselves. The agent worked his "magic" and stated that there shouldn't be any issues and to expect and email in an hour verifying that the store had the order being processed and ready.
5 hours later and no email so I call again and spoke to a supervisor named Chris who tried to blame it on my bank even though I had repeatedly explained to him why it wasn't the bank. Just to get it over with I called my bank to verify that there was nothing wrong on their side. Sure enough, nothing was at all wrong with the bank's side.
I call again and speak to another supervisor who tells me that the issue has been fixed and should receive an email updating on the process. It's been an hour now, no such emails.
I'm so confused on how this is even an issue. Why was my address changed? Why aren't notes left in the case so that I don't have to explain the situation to like 3 different agents everytime I call? Why did I have to transferred to at least 3 different agents everytime? Why aren't these "fixtures" working at all? Will I ever get my TV or refund in a timely manner?
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Re: Horrible Customer Service

And no, I still haven't received the supposed email. This has to be the worst customer service I have experienced.
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Re: Horrible Customer Service



Thanks for joining us here on the Best Buy Forums. Getting a new TV is an exciting experience, so we appreciate you looking to Best Buy for your tech. We certainly wish that this process had been much smoother, but we would be happy to help in any way that we may be able to. While we cannot promise any specific outcome, please private message me your full name, email, phone number, and order number so we can take a look. When doing so, please be sure to click on the blue button in my signature.



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