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Hi, I just recently placed a order for the ps5.
And it instantly charged my card, even though it said it wouldn’t until release? I have enough money for it now, I’m just confused. It did say “authorization” now it just says

Is it suppose to already take the money?
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Why was I my returned???

I just preordered the ps5 on the 17th and my money was just returned to my card and I’m wondering will that mess with my preorder
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Re: Why was I my returned???

If it's a credit card. That's how it works, they dont charge it until they ship it. If it's a gift card or cash card the order may have been cancelled
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Charged twice for PS5 pre-order

Hey folks, I’d just like to know if my order is ok? I was charged twice for the pre-order and it doesn’t look like the $800 or so has fallen off yet.