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Help with failed laptop purchase

I tried to buy a discounted laptop off of using my Debit Card through Paypal, After clicking submit it told me the order did not go through, but I received an email from Paypal saying I was charged, looking at my banks account I was indeed charged the money. I have no confirmation email or an order number from Best Buy about the purchase. The charge is labeled as DEBIT CARD PREAUTH PAYPAL *BESTBUY in my bank account. I tried to order this last Thursday

I tried contacting BestBuy support over the phone, and they told me they saw an attempt but it failed. Contacted my bank over the phone and they said they can't reverse it. Contacted Paypal support over the phone and they told me all I can do is wait. I also went to a BestBuy store and was told all I can do is wait a few weeks. Finally, I went to the pickup location to see if anything arrived, but alas nothing did.


Tl;dr: Tried to purchase laptop on BestBuy, got no confirmation or order number, and was still charged.


Any help would be appreciated, I'd like to know what the charge means, and if I can either get my money back or get the laptop I tried to purchase or if something else is going on that I may not be aware of



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Re: Help with failed laptop purchase

Hello, FlameMage21,


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We hope this finds you well. We never wish for any issues when shopping with us and can understand wanting support for your order. We’d be happy to assist and see what we can uncover.


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