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Help with Order

Hi I purcahsed Elite Screen Yard Master 2 recently , Yesterday I setup/installed the screen , I have noticed wrinkles allover the screen ( , since the screen is folded and packed for shipment I belive all items will have same issues . what are my options? spent an hour setting it up will end up spending an hour to pack and put it back in the box 


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Re: Help with Order

Hello ramansanapala,


Congrats on your new Elite Series Yard Master 2! I definitely know it takes a bit to set it up. I just set one up for my parents, and boy I was there for a while. None the less, I am here to help with anything I can.


When I looked at ours, I checked with the manufacturer. I was able to find information regarding the creases on the Elite Series website, as they have a Q&A section, and as far as the creases go, here’s what is says:


Q: How do I alleviate screen creases?
The Yard Master 2 screen material is folded so that it can fit into a smaller package to decrease freight cost. If you notice crease lines on the material upon opening the box, there are a couple of things that can be done to alleviate them. The easiest method would be to allow the material to stretch on the Yard Master 2 frame. Over time, the creases will alleviate to a minimal.
If after a few days you do not see any improvement, the second method in alleviating them would be the use of a hairdryer. Set the dryer on medium heat and blow on the material from its back side from about 3 feet away, concentrating only on the crease lines. Do not apply excessive heat as this will cause for the material to deform. You may need to repeat this process for a couple of consecutive days depending on the severity of the creases.


I hope this helps, please know you may instead choose to schedule a consultation with a local Geek Squad agent to see if we can help narrow down how to address these creases by clicking the link here. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know. I will do all I can to help!


Thank you for posting!

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