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Having a horrendous experience that is making me re-think continuing to do business with BestBuy

I've been a BestBuy customer for many years. Between my own personal purchases, the purcahses I make for my business, and the purchases I make on behalf of my employer, I've spent a considerable fortune with BestBuy.


I ordered a Surface Book for a client who wanted it set up for a business trip they were about to take. They needed it by Monday, April 29th.


When I placed the order (Friday, 4/26), it said it would be ready at my local store in an hour. An hour passed with no notification. I logged in to my account, and the pickup date had been updated to 5/2. No problem, I've seen this before; so I made the change to "Get it by tomorrow, 4/27, for free" shipping method, and got my notification from BestBuy. All good; or so I thought.


The following day came and went. No laptop. I had another order to pickup at the store that Sunday, so I went in.


Out of sheer curiousity, I went to see if the laptop I ordered for pickup was in stock; and it was! Two of them, in fact. I went to the counter to see if I could switch from shipping to pickup; but I was told there wasn't anything they could do at that point, because the order had shipped. I logged in again, and found that the expected delivery date for the laptop was now 5/6, but it still hadn't changed status to shipped. They effectively shrugged, and said I could just purchase this one on the shelf, and return the other one once it arrived. Now, I don't often have 5 thousand in available, flexible credit to pull from, so I wasn't about to buy the same item twice. That's when I reached out to BestBuy support the first time (of several, by the time this is all said and done).


The agent who was available on chat was friendly, and apologetic, but ultimately unable to help. He said he didn't know why the delivery date was that far off, and then gave me a different expected delivery date (5/6). So at this point, I've been told 3 different dates that I can expect to have this device in-hand, and two of those had already passed. He promised and assured me I'd have the device soon. I asked if I could speak with a manager so I could explain how unhappy I was with the situation, and they ablidged.


The manager joined the chat, and reiterated that the shipping status was showing 5/6 and that I should just wait until then. His tone was curt, and slightly defensive. He then said he saw the date 5/2 as the delivery date for my order. That's date #4. I explained that even 5/2 was beyond the cut-off date for my client, and I had seen the devices in-store. I also reiterated I see the order in "preparing" status. He advised me to buy another one from the store, and return the delivery once it arrived.


At this point my patience was wearing thin, and (looking back at my chat transcript) I expressed how disappointed I was with this whole experience, and that I felt extremely undervalued. I took screenshots of my order dates, and other details, in case the manager wanted to see that I was, in fact, seeing completely different dates than he was telling me. I concluded the chat, and reached out to my client with the hopes they'd let me push the deliverable back. I lost that client.


Flash-forward to today, I returned the laptop once it arrived. I went into the store, and was able to return the device without a hassle. I figured, at least I didn't have to end up buying this laptop for a client who is no longer doing business with me. I got back home, and logged in to my BestBuy account to make sure the order was properly updated. And that's when I saw it: A delivery charge was added to my order. 


Here's why this angers me: This happened between when I took screenshots of the order during the conversation I was having with the agent's manager via chat, and when it arrived. It was not on my order when I made the change; which I have done with a few orders in the past when a store pickup option changed. I suspect that the manager I spoke with in chat modified my order. The end result was that upon returning it to the store, I was refunded a lesser amount than what I paid. My BestBuy credit card has a balance from a shipping charge that should have never existed.


So, I reached out to an agent again. I explained the situation, and the agent noted that I shouldn't be charged for shipping anyway, because I'm an Elite Plus member. They also informed me that since I was refunded an amount already, that they couldn't refund me the shipping charge. They offered me 9.49 in reward zone certificates (the actual difference in the amount I paid, and the amount I was refunded was actually 10.21, but I digress), but could not actually refund the remainder of the charge back onto my card. You're making me pay out of pocket to either correct an error on your system, or the actions of a disgruntled customer service agent.


This is where I am. I'm really, pretty upset about all of this. Sure, it's just 10 dollars; but the fact that the charge appeared after I had an exchange with a manager that I felt wasn't providing good customer service makes me see BestBuy in a whole different light. If that's really the case; that a customer support agent ADDED a charge onto my order in spite, you've lost my business, and my companies business. If it's an error from the system that, in all my years as a customer, I've never seen happen before; then you should be able to refund my card the difference.


I'm sincerely disappointed after all of this, and I'd really like the opportunity to have my story seen by corporate; I'm betting they'd like to know why they're about to lose another high-dollar customer in a dwindling brick-and-mortat retail market.  

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Re: Having a horrendous experience that is making me re-think continuing to do business with BestBuy

Hi there, DeadlyMaverick, 


Thanks for your post with us and for taking the time share your experience here on our Community Forums!


I read through your experience and it certainly doesn't sound like anything that we hope for when you make a purchase with us. I sincerely apologize for the troubles that you had faced making this order. I know that I appreciate accurate information, such as delivery dates, as well as being charged the correct amount. I can imagine the frustrations that accompanied this purchase and the disappointment not being to help out your own client.


We want you to know that we do appreciate your business with us, and we'd like to make that known to you. I'd be happy to discuss this further more privately with you to talk about possible resolutions. When you have a moment, please send us a Private Message with your full name, email address, phone number and order number. 


Thanks, again, for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon!





Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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