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Hands Down, the Worst Customer Service I've Received Regarding A TV that was Delivered to me Damaged

Okay, so this might end up turning into a long post, but let's see where typing this story out takes me:


Back in late May I ordered a 65 inch flat screen E series Vizio TV.


Since the TV was too large to take home from the Best Buy store in Duarte, CA, I opted to have the TV shipped to my address.


Upon receiving the TV from the Best Buy delivery people, I was excited to eventually get the thing mounted and kept the TV in its box until it was ready to be safely mounted by a professional TV mounter.


Fast forward about a month to when my girlfriend and I were able to get someone to professionally mount the TV in our apartment.


TV initially looks fine. No drop damage from the look of the edges.


The TV is mounted without a hitch. As the mounter peels back the protective layer on the front of the TV, he notices a weird "X" shaped mark in the bottom right of the screen, that was hidden under the yellow energy tag that comes on TVs. Strange.


Upon hooking the TV up and turning it on, it looks like that "X" is, in fact, a crack that looks like it came from some puncture damage in transit to the apartment. The entire screen is bricked and the TV is rendered useless.


As is logical in a situation like this, I went ahead and called Best Buy to report the damaged item, only to receive word that it cannot be exchanged due to it being physically damaged.


This is a bit of a conundrum to me as I purchased the 5-yr Geek Squad Protection plan and it apparently DOESN'T cover physical damage.


But this still leaves the issue of being delivered a defective product.


So, I called in to Best Buy, in the hopes that they could salvage the situation and save the day with my broken product. After talking to 16 different people (each representative more clueless than the next with varying degrees of ideas of which department might be able to help me) I get absolutely nowhere except with receiving multiple "sorries" for my inconvenience and to try contacting the manufacturer of the TV in the hopes that they may be able to repair or replace the item that was delivered damaged. Unfortunately, "sorry" has not rectified the situation, so far. Additionally, after contacting Vizio multiple times, it was confirmed by both representatives on the line that I spoke to that they couldn't help since Best Buy delivered the TV.


With Best Buy being no help, I thought, "Maybe the VISA company that dealt with my order may be able to assist in getting a replacement to go through or at the very least get me a reimbursement on my item." An investigation was then opened on Sep. 4th, 2019, which required multiple pictures of the damage on my end. This was provided and I even threw in a written testimony by the discoverer of the damage to the TV (the mounter) for good measure. After a month of no contact from the company, I reached out a day past the deadline to hear back from VISA (October 4th, 2019) and was told that the issue had been deferred to Best Buy to handle the replacement of the television. Back to square one, it would appear.


I began making multiple calls to Best Buy to follow-up on this now concluded(?) investigation. At this point, I was on a trip in Alaska. In the course of 2 days, I spent 6+ hours on the phone (mostly on hold) talking to 37 representatives (I was passed off from one to the next like nobody's business) until I finally received help from an individual that assured me that the TV would be looked at by Geek Squad and either repaired or replaced (this was after I relayed the entire above story to him). A date was set and it looked like this was finally the end of the story. I was SO wrong.


Last week, Geek Squad phoned ahead to confirm stopping by my apartment to assess the TV. During the phone call, I was told that since there was physical damage to the television, they wouldn't be able to replace it, but would come over to look at it nonetheless. I was livid (honestly still am) at this point. My guarantee was a moot point by Best Buy's Geek Squad team. I got the individual's supervisor's number and made a call in to the Billing and Claims department at Best Buy to go over what exactly my coverage on the Geek Squad 5-yr protection plan was. I was told by the representative that I have ADH (Accidental Drop from Handling) coverage and that my plan covered the TV. I was told I SHOULD receive a replacement. Okay, great. Open and shut case, right?


I go ahead and called the supervisor's number to iron out any potential issues with receiving a replacement TV after talking to, essentially, Best Buy's legal department. On the call, I was told that ADH is NOT covered on any TV plans with Best Buy and that the guy I talked to "didn't know what he was talking about. I'm sorry, but I've been working in televisions for a long time and that information just isn't right."


Best Buy. Guys. Are you honestly telling me that your departments don't know the rules of the listed coverage I have? I've been getting jerked around for upwards of 3 months now, and you know what? I'm basically at the final straw.


I contacted the Duarte store where I bought the TV last week, and was helped out by a nice woman there. She collected this story and (hopefully) sent it to the corporate divison of the company. But I know better than to believe in the competance of Best Buy with such a straightforward pipeline. Lord knows, I've been shown time and time again just how disorganized your customer service line is.


So here I am, in writing, telling you to take this story to your corporate division and informing them that this is a situation that should have been fixed from the get-go.


As a company, and ESPECIALLY in corporate, I would be beyond embarrassed with the mess that's been created by not helping customers that not only have jumped through every hoop in an attempt to be compliant on their end in resolving such a basic situation, but by giving them the runaround by delaying and not responding to PAYING customers.


Absolutely deplorable service. And if there's a representative reading this, now would definitely be the time to kick this waaaaaaaay up the pipeline to corporate.


I welcome any and all representatives to reach out to me ASAP and will keep you posted if the status of this broken item changes whatsoever.


- Evan

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Re: Hands Down, the Worst Customer Service I've Received Regarding A TV that was Delivered to me ...

Hi there, EvanSalce,

First and foremost, welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to write in to us.

Getting a new TV should be exciting, and we are sad to hear about the current state of your TV, and the circumstances that have since happened. I can most certainly understand wanting to see what options may be available at this time. We apologize about any confusion and any inconvenience this has caused you, as we never intend for you not to be able to get connected with a representative regarding your order.

Thank you for keeping Best Buy in mind for your new TV and for choosing to get the Geek Squad Protection plan on it. Our Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) covers damage as a result of unexpected and unintentional drops and spills that arise from normal usage of select devices, such as most computers and tablets. You can view the full terms and coverage of your plan in the Terms and Conditions by selecting the date it was purchased.

Being that this item is past the Return & Exchange Promise, and that the damage may have been reported past that time frame, we would have limited options moving forward. While I cannot guarantee any particular outcome, I'd be more than happy to take a peak at your order to see if I may be able to assist. To do so, can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and either your order number or Customer Service PIN located at the bottom of your receipt? You can send a secure message by clicking the "Private Message" option in my signature. 

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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