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Gift cards unable to be processed again

So this has been more than a week of frustration and headaches thanks to Best Buy customer service.   I ordered some items and used 3 gift cards.  Original order went thru and was confirmed.  When each gift card was applied, the proper amount came up and was put towards the balance.  A confirmation email was received and then 8 mins later a email arrived stating that two of the three gift cards could not be processed.  The email stated that I should click on link to update payment info.  When clicking on link, it stated self service was not functioning.   Call one to customer service did no good and they stated they had to cancel order and refund money to gift cards.  Representative clearly stated that it would take 24 hours to show on gift cards.  24 hours later, the one gift card that worked, showed a refund, the other two showed zero balance.  Waited 48 hours, still no refund.   Call two to customer service was disconnected twice, after waiting 15 mins each time, then put me with a very friendly young lady that tried her best to help.   She stated they could charge my credit card the amounts and then credit the amount of the gift cards to my credit card.  She also stated that the refunds could have taken up to 8 days, even though the other rep said no more than 24 hours.   Anyway, she proceeded to help me redo my order and sent me emails showing credit back to my credit card for the two gift cards that were declined.  She also used the third gift card, that worked last time, and stated that she would ship me my order in the quickest way possible due to my inconvience.  GUESS WHAT.   10 mins later I get another email stating that the gift card that worked the first time, now could not be processed.  In order to get my order, I needed to change my payment method.  So I changed the method and now I am again out $50 that should have been on gift card.  On top of this, I still dont have my order.  This was 4 days ago.  If I placed my order online, myself, I would have received in 2 days.  Her giving me the quickest shipping has resulted in order not coming till tomorrow and now this morning I get email stating that the shipment was delayed and won't be here till Friday.  You know, I really don't care that it won't be here till end of week but I do care that customer service has gotten so bad.   i am still out $50 gift card but my products will arrive eventually.  I don't have time to spend another 2+ hours on the phone for them to put me on hold a dozen times while "they look into the issue".   The rep said she was sorry and this "rarely" happens, but I found a number of forum entries having same issue.

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Re: Gift cards unable to be processed again

Hello, mccrea,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us about your recent order experience. Gift cards can be great to use towards larger purchases, but I can understand that having the experience that you've had with using these on your recent orders and having to change the payment methods, would not be welcome. 


I'd love to look into what's been happening with your orders and see what options that I have to assist with this. Can you please send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and the latest order number? To send the message, you can simply use the button in my signature below. 




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