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Gift card funds not returned.

I would like to start off by saying I'm disgusted. Best Buy has given me nothing but pain with my most recent experience. Here goes nothing. My wife made an online purchase of a 2019 MacBook Air in order to take advantage of a $200 discount offered for a weekly promotion during Thanksgiving week. The order, minutes after being made, was cancelled. The email informing her of the cancellation was very specific detailing that 30 minutes after the cancellation all forms of payment would be refunded and available for use. My wife used what amounted to about $650 in gift cards to make this purchase. One of those gift cards was a misprint and a lead in the store closest to me ( named Ti) was very rude about it. He said in a condescending tone "just type everything but the last four digits into the card number field on the website" If he had listened to me when I explained the issue he would have known that a number was incomplete and that their were way too many numbers to do that. He later guessed his way, in about 20 minutes, to a proper card and pin combination. Two numbers didn't belong on the card and a third number was not completely printed on the card. Thirty minutes passes, cards are still empty. 4 hours, no change. 6 hours, $0 on all of them. 8 hours and my wife decides to call and inquire about the delay. After about 30 minutes on hold she is informed it could be 8 days before she sees a penny on those cards because of a system glitch, which has now become our problem. Unfortunately the sale we were trying to utilize ends at midnight and they didn't care one bit. So, as anyone with no options would, we wait 24 more hours and decide to call again and see if the story changed. We are both very uncomfortable at this point anyway. $650 is a lot of money to most people, us included. After I spend about 45 minutes on hold and speak with 3 different people they inform me that after 3 days I will receive the funds automatically. They kept reinforcing the fact that no one can do anything except wait. So yet again with no options we wait 3 more days. All of the cards (5) are still completely empty. Now it has been almost 5 full days and we have no money back on those gift cards. I call again, after 38 minutes the call disconnects on their end. I call back immediately, 18 minutes in someone answers I explain all of this to them. They place me on hold and 2 minutes later they disconnect me. I call them back again, 46 minutes later someone answers, I explain everything again. They transfer me to someone else and that person says I'm in the wrong department and I need to be transferred again reluctantly I agree and before I hear any hold music the call disconnects. At this point I am furious and have wasted hours of my life on a mistake that Best Buy DOES NOT CARE to fix. Oh, and every one of these phone calls gave the option for a call back when it was my turn in line. After following the prompts the automated system said the request failed and I had to sit on hold for the next representative. I call back again because I am a sheep in their terrible customer service system. This time it takes 35 minutes for a person who can barely understand english picks up the phone. Yet again like a broken record I repeat the issue to her. She had a very hard time finding the order. She placed me on hold to do 'research'. After 10 minutes on hold she came back and said she needs more time to look into my gift cards and I am placed back on hold. She returns 20 minutes later to ask if I tried to use blank gift cards after the cancelled purchase. How do you use gift cards with no balance? I told her no and she placed me back on hold. Upon her return after another 10 minutes she said '8-10' days due to a system glitch on their end. How is that my problem? I ask for a manager. 30 minutes later she comes back and says shortly a supervisor (Junior) will be available. He regurgitated the same 8-10 day glitch information. Upon expressing my disgust he requested assistance from higher ups. I spent 2hrs oh hold during this phone call. Finally, day 6 rolls around and I try again because the cards are still empty. I speak with someone who does not speak english. I finally get her to transfer me to a supervisor. This supervisor also had a hard time with the english language, making my life miserable. Her name was April. She said all that can be done is wait. 8-10 days.

I just want to make sure that at this point everyone knows I have wasted about a 12 hour period on the phone with people who do not care to solve my problem. My gift cards are still empty and I have felt ZERO empathy through it all. I have lost 12 hours of family time as a result and what Best Buy is telling me by doing things this way is that my time is worth nothing to them.

It hurts to do this after work but I cant afford to lose $650 dollars. My wife needs this for work and now Best Buy is affecting bigger things.

I am currently still trying to resolve the issue.
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Re: Gift card funds not returned.

Hi there, Jameshaviland.


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! While I wish you were reaching out to us under different circumstances, I'm grateful that you took the time to share this with us. 


Getting a new MacBook Air is a big deal, so we can certainly understand why your wife would want to take advantage of that promotion! However, it's sad to hear that there was an error with the gift card that caused the order to cancel. That would bother me as well! 


Typically, gift cards should be refunded within 24-hours of a cancellation, so I'm sorry to hear you and your wife are still waiting for those funds to be returned. That would concern me as well, so I'd love to take a deeper look at what's going on with those cards, as well as what can be done to turn this experience around.


We know that you have other things to do than call-in to try and sort this out, so I can imagine how difficult it would be to carve out that much time to spend calling in! That's not the experience we wanted to provide.


While I'd love to help you with this, due to our Privacy Policy, I would need to work with your wife directly if she was the one attached to this purchase. Could you ask her to create a forum account, and send us a Private Message with her full name, phone number, email and order number so we can step in to assist?








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