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Gift Card refund

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Greetings everyone. Today I decided to buy something from bestbuy since I couldn't find it anywhere else, it was my first time ever and unfortunately it didn't go very well and now I'm stuck. Basically I bought a bestbuy e gift card from Amazon and I successfully redeemed the code into my bestbuy account. I paid using my gift balance for the Order #
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Couple minutes later then I got an email saying my order was canceled! turned out bestbuy rejected my shipping address cuz It's a shipping company (fishisfast). Yes I use fishisfast to get my items delivered to my location (Qatar) here in Middle East, I was really disappointed and did expect such a thing, actually it never happened to me before and never had an issue with site like Amazon/ebay etc Smiley Sad


I contacted Amazon through chat and this is what the agent told me:


(Since your gift card is a third party gift card from Best Buy, we don't have the option to process a refund for it. To get a refund for the gift card, I highly contact Best Buy to request the refund of the gift card balance.)


I would realy appreciate if someone can help me out sort this issue so I could get a refund from Amazon.

I live in Qatar and I can't really reach out to BB support by phone. Chat is the only way and I've been trying so hard to connect with an agent but failed on each time Smiley Sad 


Thank you for reading and my apologies for my bad English 

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Re: Gift Card refund

Please delete or close the thread. Refund has been issued thank you so much everyone!