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Gift Card balance issue

I went to purchase a router online to pickup in store using 2 giftcards I got on Christmas. After entering the card numbers and pin for each, I paid the balance via PayPal. I got an email saying the order is being processed, but within 5 minutes saying one of the 2 cards failed authorization. Since I just scratched off and revealed the card numbers and pins how can this be? I canceled the order and within minutes I was refunded the PayPal account and one of the giftcards. I called the automated number to check the balance and ironically the one with the failure and zero balance now says I just used the $30 dollars that was on it originally today for my purchase. I called and spoke to a rep who said they see the failure and I will get the $30 added back to the card within 24-48 hours! Why is it that the other card that I had $100 dollars on it got refunded within minutes as well as my PayPal account. This shouldn't take this long at all!