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Gift Card Refund Scam

Placed order through customer support over phone using 6 gift cards on 01/08/2022. Before placing the order, I verified with the Best Buy website that the cards were valid and had the correct amounts. The customer support person entered the cards in the payment section of the order, along with a credit card. After submitting my order, she said the order did not go through but I received a 1 confirmation that the order went through.

However, shortly after, I received another 3 emails (with a few typos) that said my payment failed and that I needed to update my payment method. I checked the order in the app and it said order has been cancelled. Gift cards weren’t refunded even though Best Buy’s policies say “gift cards are refunded within 30minutes upon order cancellation”

I called customer support and they were not aware what is going on. A few of them said it takes a couple hours, others said it takes 24hrs and rest said takes 15-20 business days. Upon asking a proof of this policy of Best Buy they couldn’t provide anything. I say few of them is because many said they are reviewing the case and disconnected the call or put me on hold for an hour at the end of which I had to disconnect.

Next day called a few times and same thing with Customer support. Also under my order status, it said that two of my gift cards failed authorization ($200 each). I checked the card balances and they showed a balance of zero, showing that Best Buy received the funds.

I called customer support again and same old few would drop the call or do not know what is going or how to help me. I used 6 gift cards on the order, none of them have been refunded. It has been 3 days since this happened.

I've seen quite a few posts over several months with my exact same problem, so it looks like the Best Buy system has a problem that no one is making any serious effort to solve. Including the worst customer support I’ve ever experienced.

If the cards aren't refunded, this would qualify as theft by Best Buy, no?