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Geek Squad Certified Open Box Laptop Issue

I recently purchased a Dell G3 laptop that was Geek Squad Certified Open Box online and picked it up at my local store. From your website, here is what that should mean:


"Geek Squad® Certified.

Geek Squad Certified programs involve a rigorous multipoint inspection designed to ensure the highest performance and quality standards. Each product is tested to verify it works like new and is restored to original factory settings, plus all parts are thoroughly cleaned."


When I first turned on the laptop, I instantly could tell that it was generic Windows install compared to what came originally from Dell. While annoying, I thought no big deal. I will go through Windows Update to get drivers and go directly to Dell's website. After going through Windows' updates, I started to get BSOD and the sounds wasn't working. After a couple hours of switching out drivers, I still had issues.


I then went to Dell's website and created restore media from their website (most customers wouldn't know to do this). After reinstalling Windows using that USB drive (which I would have had to purchase to fix your screw up if I didn't have one already) and going through all updates which took literally 3 hours, I FINALLY got the laptop working properly.


To recap, I had to waste 5 hours of my time and use my own USB drive to fix something you messed up. I did not get the product "like new" and it wasn't "restored to original factory settings." I highly doubt you will, but I really should be compensated for all of that wasted time based on your errors/laziness. I've been a very good Best Buy customer and shouldn't have to go through issues like this. 

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Re: Geek Squad Certified Open Box Laptop Issue

Hey, mase123987,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this. I'm sorry to hear you had to take time to set up your new computer! While we don't compensate for time, in the future, you can make an appointment with our Geek Squad here to have the computer looked at, to ensure that the status of the open-box matched the condition of the computer.




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