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Fraudulent Charges bestbuydotcom 0994 Richfield MN

I received a notification of a fraudulent charge to my account for over $500. I did some research and this is a long going issue. I just wanted to share that it is still happening.

Please don’t respond telling me that you have been a victim of fraud and link me to your fraud info. I have done this already. This is just so others know that it is FRAUD on their bank cards. I don’t have a Best Buy account or geeksquad I’ve never bought anything from best buy online ever nor have I been to a Best Buy store at all in years. FRUADDDDDD
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Re: Fraudulent Charges bestbuydotcom 0994 Richfield MN

Hope I can shed some light. That charge text is also on every legitimate purchase as it simply means it was bought online through our website. That’s why it is “still happening”, all charges through our online channel look this way. Simply seeing this charge does NOT immediately mean fraud, unless like you mentioned that you have not shopped at Best Buy recently.

What is concerning is that someone somewhere has enough of your personal information (name, billing address, full credit card number with CID and expiration date) to fool the fraud detections in place. I won’t point you to the document because as you’ve said, you’ve already done that but it is critical that you double check your security measures including password strength and credit card usage.

At the end of the day, the credit card fraudsters are constantly improving. I recently had my credit card number stolen (again) and used online, what concerns me is that I use 100% virtual card numbers when shopping online and someone still got my card number again. That narrows it down to either a database that was hacked, or it was stolen at one of the few places that still swipes cards instead of using the chip.

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Re: Fraudulent Charges bestbuydotcom 0994 Richfield MN

Hi, Jay9,

Thank you for sharing this with us. As jdogg836 and the links you referenced mentioned, we would definitely recommend filing a Police Report if you believe your information has been stolen and is being used to make unauthorized purchases. Your local law enforcement will be able to contact Best Buy for any assistance that they might need for their investigation. Your bank may be able to assist you with with the unauthorized charges. Bestbuydotcom 0994 Richfield MN would show up for a number of online transaction types through our online store, the vast majority of which are legitimate purchases.



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Re: Fraudulent Charges bestbuydotcom 0994 Richfield MN

It's 1/28/20, and this happened to me today. someone tried to purchase over $240 worth of goods from my card. not saying it's best buys fault!!! i just think it's interesting that many people from texas are getting their info stolen and the charges are all coming from Richfield MN. my charges were online in texas (i believe anyway from the"BESTBUY TX.COMRICHFIELD MN" charge) and were to be picked up in store somewhere also in texas. is there a reason that it says the origin is "RICHFIELD MN"? 


i also would like to say Best Buy canceled the order without prompting, most likely because the thieves didn't correctly guess my security code.