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Fraudulent Charge

I dont understand how a fraudulent charge and delivery of a laptop cannot me disputed and taken care of by one representative?? You have to talk to 3 or 4 and still be asked to call the security department back to explain the situation. I called Best Buy after receiving an email stating that an order was out for delivery. The representative pulled up my account, confirmed the charge made was not by me and the delivery address was not associated with the account or recognized. He said he “took care of It” and cancelled the charge as well as “interrupted the delivery”. He had provided me with a case number so i had no reason to think it wasn’t taken care of. However, the laptop was delivered to the thief- I received an email showing such. I called Again today and this representative said he doesn’t show that the fraudulent charge was cancelled or cleared, only that a new card had been requested! He said the people I need to speak with are In another department and they’re closed. Soo, I have to call AGAIN in hopes this gets resolved. Otherwise, further action will definitely be taken! It’s terrible that we can’t rely on so many to just do their job...
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Re: Fraudulent Charge

I have had this happen personally and I didn't follow up with the retailer, I called my credit card company and dispute it since they approved the purchase.  This is why modern credit cards have fraud protections, because despiteall their fraud protections the information gets out there to scammers.  


Here's a topic on the process via Best Buy:


If the item was charged, shipped, and delivered there will be very little Best Buy can do on the matter.  Hopefully you've  contacted the card company and local law enforcement.  They can follow up with Best Buy if they need more details.  

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Re: Fraudulent Charge

Rec'd a message this am saying that I purchased a $700.00 gift card.  


This is not true! I never give out crdit card information oer the internet! Never! 

Will be forwarding it to you. asap.