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Fraudlent CC charges

Had $500+ (so far) of fraudulant charges hit my bank acocunt from While my bank is taking care of crediting me back, I thought that I'd reach out to BB to see if they could cancel the order etc. so at least the crooks would not get their stuff. According to the bank, there were multiple items ordered and each one would hit my acocunt as it shipped - this has been going on for 3 days.

After calling in, 4 hours on hold, 2 call backs, being hung up on after a rep answers and tells me to hold a few more minutes while they look it up the best I can get is that there are no current orders in my name (no crap!) and I should just cancel the order from the email confirmation. Well, if I placed the order I suppose I could do that, but I didn't and I do not have any order #'s, confirmations etc. I was told there is nothing they can do and if I want the order cancelled or refunded, I should return the product. We reviewed the definition of "fraudulant" several times, but since I do not have an order # for them to look up, it appears I'm out of luck. They also do not have the technology or resources to take my CC # and the amount charged and look up orders. Although my donut shop on the corner can do this very easily so I'm not sure where BB gets their CC processing tech.

I thought I'd post here and see if anything else can be looked into, and no, I'm not calling again. I'm getting my money back, but it would probably be good if BB would stop sending out their product as you'll be both out money and product.