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Fraud in Best Buy in Minnesota

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My wife ordered a computer for our grandson a couple of months ago. He got the computer just fine.

This week she got an email from Best Buy saying a printer had been purchased on 6/25/20.

Order {removed per forum guidelines} HP LaserJet Pro Model Y5S53A#BGJ SKU 6238315 to be shipped to Daniel {removed per forum guidelines}

in Aurora, CO 80017. Whoever ordered it had my wife's American Express credit card. We have since canceled the card and gotten a new one, but it appears someone at Best Buy is using other peoples credit cards.

We won't buy any other products there.

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Re: Fraud in Best Buy in Minnesota

You shouldn't post all of those details publicly, I have reported it to help prevent further fraud.  


Please see the thread here on steps to take:


It should provide details on how to secure your accounts as well as what to do when your card is compromised.  


As one of the major purveyors of electronics in the US, Best Buy is frequently a target of scammers.  This is not any different than nor  We all have people using fraudulent cards, and Best Buy employees do not have access to all of the details of a card to prevent just this sort of thing.

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