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Formal Complaint

I ordered a cell phone from BestBuy on Black Friday that was supposed to be delivered today. Without any notice the order was canceled this afternoon. I scheduled an in-store appointment this evening as suggested in the notification email, but rather than being able to "help recreate your order and successfully activate your device" they told me they could not do anything to reinstate the order, they could only sell me a phone for the current price (I bought for $18.74/month for 24 months, the current price is over $30/month - this is not an acceptable substitute). I have been in contact with Verizon and they assured me that this "activation issue" was not due to an error on their end. So BestBuy messed up and now wants to charge me hundreds of dollars more for their mistake, basically. I am very displeased with the customer service I have been receiving for this issue. Can my order not just be recreated at the price I originally purchased it at?
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Re: Formal Complaint