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First time and last time purchasing in best buy

I purchased a 1000 cost gf65 gaming laptop from eBay Best Buy, they used trash delivery company name Ontrac. They lost/stolen my package but marked as delivered. I reach out to eBay Best Buy they said it said delivered so we can’t do anything, I reached out to Best Buy they said they will refund me in 7 business day and after many time I talked with them the final answer I got is that because ontrac said delivered so we can’t give you refund. I am mad as hell, if they aren’t telling to wait for refund I already start a police report for my laptop, but what is screwed up is that both ebay Best Buy and Best Buy is not telling me my serial number. Are you serious? I bought the Computer and you don’t know the serial number you gave me? Mad as hell rn. Smiley Sad avoid Best Buy and ontrac for ever. I want to use swear words but I can’t.
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Re: First time and last time purchasing in best buy

I know how you feel about OnTrac as I've had some really bad experiences with them from them delivering late at night. The last time I checked I did not see any serial number for my major purchase of an Apple Watch but I would also imagine that if you return something they check the item you returned against the serial number of the box in some cases.


If this was the final answer by Best Buy a police report would have to be filed. Your local police department will do everything they can to try and resolve this , but it may take awhile.


Shipping is awesome, but for high dollar items I do tend to go in store for those purchases as our apartment complex has had a history of package thefts.

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Re: First time and last time purchasing in best buy

Good morning, Theupsetman!


Thank you for taking time out of your day to bring this to our attention, and welcome to our online Forums! I'm deeply saddened to hear about what's going on with your order. This certainly isn't the kind of experience we aim to give you, especially with a new purchase! I know that I would be frustrated and disappointed as well. That being said, I'd be more than happy to look into this with you and see if there is any additional info I can share or next steps to take. The last thing I want is for you to be in a sort of limbo with minimal answers.


To get started, could you please reach out to me through a Private Message and verify your full name, phone number and email address? Then, I can dig in and we can get started. You can find that button to the right of my name down below. 


I look forward to hearing back from you!

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