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FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALERT

This is Crazy that you have this going on how do you not verify amounts of purchase. We have never brought anything from BEST BUY online and we have & $14,000 !!!!! Thousand Dollars in Fraud Charges on our Corporate American Express this does not look good for the company....................... You have to change your Security SYSTEM

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Re: FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALERT

Our system uses your credit card’s verification process. Based on that, it does sound like the entirety of the card’s details have been compromised. I point this out because it seems to be overlooked, Best Buy cannot validate billing addresses, CVV, etc. These are passed along to your card company who validates the information and approves or denies the charge. You’ll want to start by disputing the charge with the card company and the reporting it to your local law enforcement. They can reach out if they need any details from Best Buy.

For a full list of steps, you can go to this thread. If it did not affect your Best Buy account, you can ignore that part. The rest of the thread is accurate.
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