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Dear Best Buy Customer Service Support,


VERY DISPLEASED with the recent on-line transaction that occurred on 23 NOV 2018 (Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}). Long story short, the items got delivered to the WRONG ADDRESS (transit synopsis: KY to IL to CA to TN).  Now, there is NO WHERE on my receipt, order, or invoice indicating the items were to be shipped to Tennessee, but to HAWAII.  So waiting since the 23rd (13 DAYS) for these items and still NOTHING!  I called on the phone today to verify that indeed those items were delivered to the wrong address and it it was confirmed by the service rep (Judy Ann -call center Philippines) on her end.  I asked to speak to a supervisor on shift TWICE and on both occassions, was told there was no one available to take my call at that time.  I also asked if the items can be expedited since I have been waiting all this time and she stated the earliest that it will possibly get to me would be on 12 DEC. ANOTHER WEEK of waiting?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Since that was the only option offered, I decided to cancel the whole order and requested a full refund which was done like this: $83.32 and $83.33 for a total of $166.65 (order total) for which I don't why it occurred like that.  Clearly, someone in the shipping department dropped the ball on this one and NOTHING as far as going the extra mile to rectify this situation on Best Buy's end is very disheartening!  I will be sharing my experience regarding this with all my online followers and the Veterans community.