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So is that how we have to get things resolved now? Go to the last resort of posting complaints on forums because the customer experience is so awful? I ordered a printer on Dec. 18, 2018. It was promised to be delivered by Dec. 21. It never came. I then received an email that it would be sent by Jan. 19, 2019. I was promised repeatedly that was a good date. Today is Feb. 9, 2019 and guess what, I am still waiting with absolutely no resolution. I was told the order is stuck and can't be canceled. The printer is still available on the website and WAS available in Houston but now no longer in stores. I have had three formal escalations made and absolutely no follow-up as was promised by each customer service rep I have spent many, many hours dealing with this explaining.over and over everything to people who can't help and won't followup. Today I logged a 4th escalation and talked to a manager who basically told me there's nothing he can do except log yet another escalation case. I was rather upset and asked how this one would be any different. I asked him to go through each of the other cases. He confirmed they were closed with no resolution. So if I didn't keep calling back after each time frame expired I guess actually I'd be in same place as I am today...totally ignored and no printer that I already paid for mostly with my gift card. I have offered many reasonable solutions to which all agreed were fair but they can't do this or that for whatever reason. So I have no printer and my gift card has been stolen to the tune of over $130. I have always been a loyal Best Buy customer and spent LOTS of money with you. I need someone who can actually solve the problem. The manager told me that he was the last stop and would not send me to anyone higher. So, how long do I have to wait????? I have yet to receive any email response on any resolution for any escalation case logged. Worst customer service experience of my life!!! Never am I ever able talk to the same person twice. Never do I get resolution. I get lots of apologies but no actual product or solutions to get me the printer. Totally aggravated and mad.
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Hello, kfrog30, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for reaching out for support on our Forums. I apologize for the runaround you have been given trying to receive assistance with your printer purchase. I understand this issue has been going on for almost two months now, and I would be looking for a resolution as soon as possible as well.


We appreciate your continued business with us, and I'm hoping we can provide the help you are looking for through this platform. That being said, can you please send me a Private Message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number so I can look further into this? You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name, below. 



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