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FORMAL COMPLAINT against Customer Service

I ordered couple of items for my friend through BestBuy app: apple pencil and a screen protector for ipad pro 10.5 on FEB. 5th. On the website, it indicated that both products were in stock.


I had my friend pick it up as I am out of the country, and she had her business in the vicinity of BestBuy. When I got the email, I told her that products were ready and that she could make her way to the store. Before she arrived at BestBuy store, I got an email from the store manager that one of the products was not ready and in fact, was not in stock.


I told her to talk to the manager and request a home delivery for the screen protector so she wouldn't have to visit the store twice. The store manager told her that I had to call BestBuy customer service to make a modification. 


So I ended up calling BestBuy customer service to request for a home delivery on FEB 7th. The CSR told me that he would modify the order. I gave him the delivery address and a phone number to get it processed. I was informed that I would receive an email for confirmation. Yet, I have NOT received a single confirmation email.


Then, to check upon the status I called CSR earlier today. Then, she told me NO MODIFICATION WAS EVER MADE. So I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor which she refused, claiming all her supervisors are busy at assisting other customers. I demanded to put me on a hold until I reach one of the supervisors. Again, she refused to put me through. Then I asked her if the previous agent was LYING that he would change my order, and she said YES......WOW!!!!!

Then, she told me that she would modify my order. After she hung up, I still haven't received ANY confirmation email for modification.


So suspicious as to if she ever changed the method of delivery, I called CSR again after 5 minutes. NO CHANGES IN MY FILE!!!!!!!





I have been a loyal BestBuy customer. I shopped at BestBuy for almost every electronics. I think I am an elite member because I get BestBuy email ads with elites status inscribed on them. I knew there were more convenients option like ordering from Amazon or Apple stores. But, I always trusted BestBuy for reliability and processing orders in a timely manner. Now that this trust has been compromised, I am very skeptical as to if I will ever shop at BestBuy for anything.





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Re: FORMAL COMPLAINT against Customer Service

Good afternoon, jamespark92,


Welcome and thanks for reaching out to us for assistance in this matter. Customer service is meant to make situations better, and I can only imagine how it would feel if a change I was requesting hadn’t been completed the way I had believed. This happening after the confusion with availability at one of our stores would definitely raise my eyebrows. I would love to look into this for you to see what I can do to help get this straightened out.


To get started, can you please send me a private message with some additional information? I’ll need your full name, phone number, email address, and order number. If you could also provide the address where you want your products shipped, that could also be very helpful. Keep this information secure by using the “private message” option which should show in my signature below.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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