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Extremely frustrating experience trying to return an item

Posted this on the Best Buy sub reddit and a mod there suggested I try posting here for assistance. Please see below:


Hi all, with all the Best Buy staff here I'm hoping maybe someone can advise me on what to do here.

I bought a router from the Best Buy website. At the time, I wasn't 100% sure I would ultimately need it, but there was a giant FREE AND EASY RETURNS banner directly under the price and my experience with Best Buy has always been pretty solid. The policy said I had 15 days from receipt to return the item so I pulled the trigger.

I ended up up not needing the router after all, so I processed the return request on Best Buy's site (well within the 15 days) and got the return label. I packaged it and shipped it off, only for the package to be returned with a letter saying that my return was rejected because it is a Final Sale item. Confused, I went back to the website to see if that was listed anywhere, but couldn't find it. I called Best Buy and was instructed to try going to a retail location and trying there. I did so, but the manager there informed me that the system would not allow the return because the item was listed as out of stock as of last year. I showed her the website, which still listed the item for sale, but she wasn't able to override the system and advised me to try calling the main number again.

It took a while, but everyone I spoke to was very helpful and eventually I was told that a supervisor had approved the return. They gave me a case # and instructed me to write it on the box so the return center would know to look it up and see the notes. I wrote the number 5-6 times just in case UPS slapped stickers over it and wrote it on a piece of paper inside the box for good measure. Well, you can probably guess what happened next. The box came back today, and after another round of phone calls, I got a call from a manager who told me that the warehouse won't take the item since they can't restock it and the support department doesn't have any control over the warehouse, so I'm out of luck and have to keep the item.

So here we are. From everything the various customer service agents told me, it sounds like maybe the item was
mistakenly listed as clearance in the system, or the website was simply not updated to label it as a clearance item.

Hey, stuff happens. But the bottom line is the product was represented one way and now I'm being told something different now that Best Buy has my money. As I said, everyone I've spoken to on the phone was polite and helpful, but it sounds like the authority to do anything about this is above their heads and I haven't had any luck trying to escalate it further. If anyone has any advice on how to get this resolved, I'd really appreciate it.

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Re: Extremely frustrating experience trying to return an item

Good afternoon, big_pungus,


Welcome to our forums.  From what you’ve described, this certainly sounds like an understandably frustrating experience, especially considering this is something it sounds like you’ve been dealing with for a quite a while.


As it sounds like you’re aware, items that are marked or advertised as “final sale” would not be able to be returned, as outlined in the terms of our Return & Exchange Promise.  With that said, it sounds like this item should still be available for purchase, so I’d like to take a closer look and offer any additional assistance I can.  For me to do so, I’ll ask that you send me a private message with the following information:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number


As you can imagine, we’ll want to keep this sensitive information out of the public view of our forums, so be sure to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send this information my way. 


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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