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Extremely disappointing experience

Best Buy Corporate,


I have been a customer for many years.  My family has bought TVs, computers and countless other items from you store over the past 15 years.  My last experience was so horrible, we will no longer be shopping at Best Buy.


I ordered a wine refridgerator in the middle of May.  When it arrived it did not work properly.  The unit did not cool to the desired tempurate.I called the manufaturer and they instructed me to turn if off for 24 hours and restart it.  I did and the unit worked for about 2 weeks but then stopped cooling to the set temperature.  Buy that point, the refridgerator was filled with $400 worth of beverages that need to stay cold.  


I called Best Buy customer service.  I sent 3 hours on hold and then was cut off once I reached a customer service representative.  I called back the next day and was on hold for 2 hours.  When I finally reached a representative, he was very nice but unable to fully help.  In order to do an exchange with my unit, I would have to ship back the unit, within 3 days, before I could get the new one.  This wasn't a realistic option as I had no where else to store the contents of the unit.  Plus, I was told I had to decide by the next day as the unit was considered a large appliance.  After speaking to a manager, the rep was able to consider the appliancea small one which gave me 30 days to return it.  After almost 2 hour on the phone, I had to order a new unit on my own, meaning I had to layot for both of them, and then call back once it arrived to process the returm to ship the other one back.


When the second unit arrived, it was unside down.  As per the box inside the blank box, the unit was not supposed to be shipped like that.  The was also some cosmetic damage. We watied 24 hours for it to stay upright (as I had been told by the manufacturer wth the first unit) before plugging it in.  When I called to process the return (anoth 2 hour call to Best buy), I was given a UPS label for a drop off location.  I had to call back to have the proper label sent to me as the unit is 125lb and does not fit in my vehicle, which is something I had explained to the first and second representative.


The second unit has the same issues of not cooling to tempurature.  In less then 2 weeks, I was once again I had to  spend hours on the phone with a very nice rep.  I asked that Best Buy just repair the unit in place - even though that idea seem insane for a new unit.  I was transfered to Geek Squad which was hours of waiting to only find out that Greek Squad doesn't service the brand.  No my next go around with a customer rep, the best solution was to call our local store to have them get me a unit and they would pick the "old" one up.


This was my last resort, as moving another unit out of my house and back in was unimaginable.  Our local store, Kingston, was super helpful.  They set up a pick up date for the unit that was not working.  The also ordered a unit to the store that they agreed to deliver to my house.  The woman told me that in the Best Buy system there was no way to actually to ceate a delivery for the new unit and there was no over ride. They told me that I would get pick-up e-mails for the new unit, which would arrive a week before the pick-up date, but I should ignore them because they would hold the unit for me.


A month into this ordeal, I now owned 3 units as no refunds had been issued. The new unit was 3 weeks away.  When the pick-up day finally arrived, the very curtious Geek Squad guy was baffled when I asked about the new unit.  I now had a refriderator worht of $400 of beverages without a place to be kept. I called the store and spent an hour on the phone with assistant manager, who told me that there was no place to log the hold on the new unit in Best Buy

 software.  He said when the pick-up day passed, they sold the unit.  I was flabber guasted by this as the women who I spoke with in the store had told me to disreguard there emails.  She called me back the next day to inform me they could get me a cheaoer model they had in the store or order me something new but it would be weeks and then they couldn't guarantee me delivery. At that point I delcined due to the circus I had been through with all aspects in Best Buy and I lost faith that Best Buy could actually get the job done after one and a half months.


Almost 3 months later, we are still owed for the original unit.  It has not been refunded to us.  I am disappointed that Best Buy customer service reps don't have the capabilities to actually give customer service.  They were all very nice but told me many times that Best Buy does not allow them to do something that was simpiler, cheaper and better for the customer.  It feels like, Geek Squad and the physical stores don't work as a cohesive entity. 


I have spent days on my life on a purchase that should have been simple and easy.  At this point, I can't see myself shopping with Best Buy or suggesting them to anyone else.



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Re: Extremely disappointing experience

Good afternoon, PC,


Welcome to our forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  From what you’ve described, this is far from the experience we hope to provide our customers when shopping with us, and I apologize for the disappointment this experience has undoubtedly caused.  I realize I may not be able to undo the frustration that’s already been caused by these three wine refrigerators you’ve ordered, I’d like to look into the status of your original order, and see what might be causing the delay in its refund.


For me to begin my research, I’ll ask that you send me a private message with the following information:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number


As you can imagine, we’ll want to keep this sensitive information out of the public view of our Support Forums, so be sure to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me this information privately.  If you’re accessing our site on a mobile device, you may need to switch to “Full” or “Desktop” view before this button is visible to you.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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