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Extremely disappointed after multiple bad online buying experiences

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Let me start by saying I have been a long time Best Buy advocate until recently. 

On Nov 28, 2020 I purchased a Nesthub online. I received confirmation of my order via email with a tracking number and date/time of expected arrival of Monday, Nov 30. The website stated this was my expected delivery date until I received an email Dec 1 stating that my item was delayed (One day after I was expecting delivery). It goes on to say that my card will not be charged until the item has shipped, and if they do not have the item by Dec 7th they will cancel my order. I saw the purchase amount taken out of my account on Dec 4th and assumed they had received the item and it would be shipped. It is now Dec 8th, I have noticed the charge was removed from my card, and my order has not been canceled, nor do I have any updated information on if they will EVER have this item available. This is inexcusable from a customer service standpoint. You have missed every deadline set by yourselves, and are unable to fullfil an order that you committed to supplying the product for. This product was on discount for black friday and I could have purchased it from a multitude of other sources at this price, but now cannot.  Upon checking the item on the best buy website today, I see thats its in stock and available for pickup within 1 hr at my local best buy store but at the full price ....yet you have not been able to ship it to me for over 10 days? This is ridiculous 

On Dec 2nd the 3060TI was released. I stayed up all night refreshing waiting for my chance to purchase. At around 9am I got a message on the product page that I was in line and that it would soon allow me to purchase. Once this message disappeared it allowed me to add the item to my cart and begin the purchase. I received an email to validate my email address to be able to proceed with the purchase. Once I did validate my email, the item was suddenly removed from my cart, and I received a message stating they were sold out or no longer available. Im not sure how your inventory system works but I have a keen understanding of the web and session tokens and it should have been impossible for someone to remove an inventory number from my cart during purchase as it was assigned to my session-id and at this point with my research I am convinced there was some foul play in order to do so. 


How is it possible that I still have access to the free digital download for a product I was never allowed to purchase? Hoping to hear back from someone 


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