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Extremely Frustrated

Best Buy reference number: upon request.

I placed an order online on Monday 9/26 for sku: 6499748. I called and adjusted my address to make sure all personal information was correct for delivery. I NEVER order online and moving forward will try after this horrible experience.

I was told to call to verify my purchase which I did multiple times. I spoke to someone named JOSH (who I also spoke to today) and he verified TODAY 9/28 that I called the day prior to confirm. I had an email stating my TV should arrive between 7am-1pm on 9/27. After a LONG shift at work in which I went to bed at 3AM only to wake up for my delivery at 7AM at 10:39AM I received a message that it couldn’t be processed AFTER RECEIVING CONFIRMATION IT WOULD COME. I obviously called and was determined to set this straight because if I didn’t verify why would I get an email stating I verified and that it would arrive on 9/27. I finally spoke to some and they were apologizing because there always an apparent “glitch in the system” as he stated. I was so excited for this tv to come the day that was promised which was RIGHT BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. Yes, this means I spent over 3 hours on the phone today 9/28 my birthday only to be mistreated and bounced around people for no resolution.

Anyways, I spoke to someone yesterday and 9/27 and to make it up to me I was given a $250 credit towards my purchase due to the inconvenience it set because they had to verify me over the phone and then re-submit my order which they did both. $250 credit and resubmit my order to 10/05/22 for a delivery between 7am-1pm again. Then I got a weird message and called again to make sure everything was set and that I still had my credit which the rep confirmed and that my order was scheduled for the date of 10/05/22.

Today 9/28/22 at 3:54pm, I received a message of how I should prep for my delivery only to seconds later receive a message “Best Buy: We've cancelled one or more items from order, if you have questions.” Which means I had to investigate and call again. I spoke to three representatives and had to explain my story about 8 times today. I was furious before I got to my first supervisor who repeated there was a glitch because I “didn’t verify” which I did and called 3 times prior to verify! One of the reps prior to the first supervisor said I would have to re-submit the order for the tv. By the time this was happening the tv was SOLD OUT. I let the rep know and she said, ”you’ll have to order something else” which set me off because I shouldn’t had to order anything else as I was supposed to receive the tv yesterday! I said to the lady I don’t want to be rude get me a supervisor. She said she can submit the order and that there were other tvs available again I didn’t not want to hear because I did my homework and this was the tv for me.

The rep connected me to the supervisor he apologized and to asked me what he can do to help. I told him how his rep set his me off and that I didn’t want another tv. He asked me which ones I was looking at that were available and he would compare them. I went online while he was in the phone. The only skus comparable were sku:6501505 which was 2 tiers lower quality than my original order and sku:6500883 which was over my price point and did not feel comfortable ordering it. He put me on hold and stated “for you inconvenience we’ve put you through I have received authorization to price adjust the sku:6500883 to my original order’s price”. Which obviously shut me up and made me happy with the outcome. He stated he needed to resubmit the order with my card for the 24 months of no interest on the new sku and price adjust it for me. Then he verified ALL MY INFORMATION address, name, phone number, and secondary phone number for the delivery to be as smooth as possible without hiccups. He asked for my card number and I gave it to him, he asked for a n expiration date of the card which I did not have because it was just a store card. He said he needed further authorization and he would call me in 30 min. to an hour and hung up with my information.

2 hours passed and I decided to call to get this finished. No one had information on this and I spoke to 3 reps again who I was extremely frustrated and did not want to repeat my story AGAIN! Between almost 2 hours for 3 reps and 1 supervisor I called the credit card department on another phone while on hold to verify my cards weee correct and that in fact I did not have an expiration date on my card but that I did have a new issued card being mailed to me because I was upgraded to a Visa card and my limit was raised. After confirming my card information to make sure I wasn’t going crazy the reps finally get me to Jacqueline who gave me a reference number.

Jacqueline was completely bothered by me and gave me nothing but attitude over the phone and practically called me a liar of my situation having the reports in front her and confirming my history was correct. It I guess she decided to be a (insert profanity here of your choosing). Jacqueline would not give me her last name and said the only information she can give me was the reference number and her first name. She said she CAN’T submit my order because they “would never do that, we would issue a gift card after the processed payment and would never price adjust” this set me off and brought me to this point to have to right all this with all my call logs photos of confirmations etc.

I have always been loyal to Best Buy and have had my credit card for YEARS! I have never had to deal with anything like this EVER! This left a horrible taste in my mouth and Best Buy will have to do a lot to make this up to me for my wasted time and false promises! If this isn’t resolved immediately this will be posted on all platforms and anyone I got to open an account with Best Buy I will personally be the first to let them know they should cancel their accounts and I will also of course close mine with my new limit. Both your supervisors need SERIOUS training and I want Jacqueline to be held responsible for the outcome and dissatisfaction of this process for practically calling me a liar and treating me like trash after I explained ALL I HAD GONE THROUGH. AGAIN LET ALONE ON MY BIRTHDAY! All this for a stupid tv I should have just received yesterday without a stupid “GLITCH”.

I have my partner here as witness to my calls, call logs, and emails as proof. I am not trying to get free stuff! I wanted my tv I originally ordered. I was promised multiple things on Best Buy’s behalf and NOTHING was kept as promised not even the stupid $250 I have a confirmation for. Major dissatisfaction and loss of respect for Best Buy as a company.
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Re: Extremely Frustrated

Hi there, Keanu_Utopia, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums Page and for detailing your experiences up to this point. I'd love to ensure this is addressed. To do so, can you send us a Private Message verifying your full name, email, and phone number? From there, we can see what our next best step may be. 


Thank you!

Duncan|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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