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Empty box for Macbook air M1, Bestbuy did not take responsibility

Hi everyone! 

I made an order from best buy for a MacBook air M1 on Jan 19th.  

At Jan 26th, I received my empty box, I called BestBuy immediately. Customer service told me 


I am so shocked the bestbuy did not take the responsibility.  The customer service wastes my precious time and energy. 

Saveral call all told me I CAN Get refund!!!

I am so shocked with this reply.

I will send you several pictures to show the package I received.

This package is double sealed by official BestBuy. It means no one has previously opened.

I received the empty box, it is Bestbuy's responsibility.

There are several cases generated, all informed me I can get my refund.

I had previously been told wait for a reply within 48 -72 hours. At this time you ask me to contact with local law enforcement regarding this matter, which had already lost precious time.


I had made numerous calls all be told I can have my refund. I did not receive any reply from them for more than a week.


Just on Feb 1st, I can not wait, I made a call again. they give me a new case number regarding all previous cases.


This is time line:


Jan 19th made an order from BestBuy online for an open box MacBook air M1.

Jan 26th,  I received packages.  It is double sealed by official BestBuy.

                 It is an empty box.  

                 I call BestBuy immediately.  They give me a case no.


Jan 27th -Feb1th, I still wait for the reply, I called numerous times, they told me I can get refund.

                                 They give me several case number.


Feb 1th, I called again customer service give me new case no. .

               They told me I can get my refund at Feb 15th, If I still did not get refund, call them again.

Feb second, I received an email from BestBuy, they said they did not take responsibility.

                     Ask me to call the carrier and local law enforcement.


Feb second, I checked with UPS carrier, we checked it is double sealed by BestBuy.

Feb second, I call the police they give me case no..



Told me to visit the police office a few days later regarding this case.

I quoted another customer words from BestBuy:                

If you have any humanity and integrity left, please reimburse me for the phone and resolve the claim between UPS and yourself!  It is clearly either your fault or theirs!


The god and recording each time I called will witness

I am so ashamed of Best buy ! it is worst buy!

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Re: Empty box for Macbook air M1, Bestbuy did not take responsibility

Hey, qiangli,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums. I am sorry to hear that you received an empty box instead of your MacBook Air, I can imagine how much of a disappointment this was. Additionally, it sounds like you have been told to expect a refund, only to not see it post for some time.


It sounds like you have been told some conflicting information regarding your next steps for a resolution here, and I would be happy to see what I can do to clear anything up and see how I can help. This isn't sounding like the service that we strive to provide, and I'd like to see what I can do.


So that I can get started, please send us a private message with your full name, email, phone number, and order number. Looking forward to hearing back from you!




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Re: Empty box for Macbook air M1, Bestbuy did not take responsibility

So ridiculous, I think it is highly possible stolen by Bestbuy themself. Because before I open the package, it is double sealed by BestBuy.  If it is stolen by UPS, it is Bestbuy's responsibility to deal with the UPS carrier. Best Buy hired the UPS, not me !!! I had never seen a seller like Best Buy. stolen my money!!!


I am a Ph.D. student, I saved a long time for a computer for my cancer image analysis. Due to my stipend limit, I chose an open box, a cheaper one. I lost my money now. I am an international student, I feel so helpless in the US, which has a highly Business integrity society.