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Empty Box delivered... still shows delivered and replacement in process?

I am feeling like like this is a regular occurrence with Best Buy after reading all of the posts that are extremely similar to mine.  I ordered an iPhone 13 Pro for my daughter's birthday on 07/31/2022 in a Best Buy store and had it scheduled for home delivery on 08/02/2022.  FedEx showed up in the morning on 08/02/2022 and tried to throw the box on my front porch and run before I could inspect the box.  It was taped together with a few pieces of packaging tape, but the box was crushed, clearly still open and empty.  I chased down the FedEx driver and advised her that I would be opening the box in front of her to confirm its contents.  The box was empty and I refused delivery on the spot.  The Driver called her supervisor who advised they would look into who handled the box to attempt to find out what happened.  FedEx did call me back later that day and advised they reversed the status on their end from "delivered" to "unable to deliver" due to the product being lost during shipping/damage to box/customer refusal of delivery, meaning I never received the box/shipment or the contents therein.  FedEx advised that I needed to make a claim on their system, but when I tried to begin the process, the online system advised I needed permission from the shipper (Best Buy) on their letterhead to set up the claim on their behalf. I called Best Buy to advise that they are the shipper who needs to process the claim on the shipment I never received and that I needed a replacement for the lost phone.  The CSR advised that they switched the original order in their system to "lost in shipment" (which begins the claim process on their end, which should have nothing to do with me) and that I could pick up the new phone curbside at a "not so local store" near me that afternoon, however I needed to wait for the confirmation e-mail advising the package was ready for pick-up.  Fast forward to Friday 08/05/2022 (three days later), I still have not received the confirmation e-mail, the first package that was lost still says "delivered" in Best Buy's system (not the same as what is in FedEx's tracking system or to what I was advised by Best Buy previously) and the second package (replacement phone) still says "preparing - we will e-mail you when ready for pick-up".  Anyone reading this, including Best Buy employees, should know that the second package will not be "ready for pick-up" until the first shipment is either deleted or indicated as "lost" or "not delivered", otherwise it looks like I received the first phone and now I'm picking up a second phone without returning the first one (WHICH I NEVER RECEIVED). I have been on the phone the last three days, wasted multiple hours on hold, spoken to numerous people in every department of Best Buy, even online chatted with someone, and the best answer anyone can give me is to "wait for the e-mail".  When I ask what to do when I ultimately don't receive the e-mail in the future, their response was to "wait longer".  I had one CSR advise me that previous conversations with other CSRs I spoke to were wrong and that they should never have advised me what they did, which leaves me with no confidence that anyone knows what they are talking about @ Best Buy.  They all say the same thing, as if they are reading off a script, and the outcome is the same no matter how many times I call and speak to another rep in any department.  At one point, I even requested to speak to a supervisor (hopefully someone with a little override power or any power whatsoever to assist in the situation), who I was told "is too busy to come to the phone and that they would have to call me back"... WHICH THEY NEVER DID!!!  The last conversation I had with a Best Buy rep left me with a bad taste in my mouth, as they finally advised me that the hold could take up to 72 hours (no one else advised me of this), but when I asked what to do if this is not the case and the hold is still in place after 72 hours, they simply said, "call back".  I have already paid for the phone, apple care, and accessories but still cannot receive the goods I was sold (and are currently incurring charges for on my Verizon bill), as it is being held up in processing to no fault of my own?  My daughter is without a phone currently (15 years old, so you know how well that is going over) and I am at my wits end with this whole situation.  This is going to be the last time I use Best Buy for any of my electronic or appliance needs, as I'm sure there are better companies out there with better customer service.  Just needed to vent and hopefully this can come as warning/cautionary tale to anyone thinking of ordering from Best Buy and having it shipped to their home.  If your package is lost or stolen, you will not be helped in any way and will be told to "wait" an undisclosed amount of time for a resolution which no one is sure will happen.  I just hope this doesn't turn out like other similar situations I have read about on here, where the claim is ultimately denied as if I actually received the package and I am not entitled to a replacement (which is why it still says "delivered" in Best Buy's system, to get out of replacing the lost item).  EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

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Re: Empty Box delivered... still shows delivered and replacement in process?

Good Afternoon, 2Wizard3.


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Thanks for reaching out and for that candid retelling of your experience. I understand why you'd be disappointed with the experience you described. I'd love to help. Please send me a private message with your full name, number, and email so that I can better assist you.


Kind regards,

Trey|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Empty Box delivered... still shows delivered and replacement in process?

Quick update... As of the date of this message I have been able to pick up the replacement phone.  Trey was very responsive and helped expedite (I think) the issue to someone who was able to lift the hold, send me the confirmation e-mail confirming the package is ready, which then allowed me to pick up the phone at a local Best Buy store.  Regardless of whether the hold was lifted due to the normal time frame in which this type of claim is customarily processed or by Trey's assistance, I am very appreciative of the outcome and Trey's attention and consideration to my situation.  I know there are still some horror stories out there about "empty box deliveries" and no satisfaction given by Best Buy to assist the customer, but this positive result has improved my opinion of some of Best Buy's customer service reps.  Hoping anyone with a similar issue gets someone like Trey to help them... Good luck.