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EOSR5 Mirrorless Camera Pre-Order Skipped / Cancelled Due to Carrier Delay



I am still showing a "shipping delay" on my pre-order of the Canon EOSR5, that I ordered the moment it became available to pre Order on Best Buy .com July 9th. I have spoken to three customer service reps who have told me anything between there isnt inventory of this item available to it's being packaged and will be shipped momentarily. I pre-ordered this itema month ago, and I know for a fact people who ordered it online a week ago received theirs first - first hand account of that to be proven true. I also know that a colleague who was sitting next to em pre-ordered the item at exactly the same time, then CANCELLED that order because they received a birthday month coupon, then re-ordered it online last week when it was still listed as "in stock" and received their item yesterday.


I am curious how the pre-orders were not shipped immediately and first to the people who ordered them in July. As it says online, my order will be cancelled today August 6th if it doesnt ship, or can't be shipped because they are "waiting to be assigned a carrier". This is unacceptable and if I don't receive my item I'll be lodgind multiple formal complaints. 

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Re: EOSR5 Mirrorless Camera Pre-Order Skipped / Cancelled Due to Carrier Delay

Hello, ajlstudioco, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out to us on the forum for support. I can imagine your excitement when pre-ordering the Canon EOSR5, and I hate to hear you've experienced a delay in receiving this. While there are many factors that can affect availability and shipping of products, I completely understand your concerns considering this order was placed earlier than others.


I'd like the chance to look into this further. Please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,



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