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E-gift card refund not appearing

I made a purchase for a Vizio tv which I paid for with 3 e-gift cards, apparently one of which didn’t authorize for some reason and I received a notification that the payment couldn’t be processed. The notification I received included a link for support which was broken. I attempted to call customer service but the person I spoke with was unable to help me and could not be understood. I ended up being forced to cancel the order and try again. However, I cannot repurchase because the e-gift cards I used are still showing a $0 balance. Customer service has given me a different answer each time I called and a rep at a store was unable to assist me because it was an online order. This is a nightmare, my money is being kept from me and I’ll I’m trying to do is make an order and give BB my business. Now I am left waiting which is delaying my ability to order. Please provided assistance ASAP, the service has been remarkably bad. I am very worried because I have seen others on this forum go through exactly the same issue.
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Re: E-gift card refund not appearing

I have now spend hours over the last two days talking to countless people on the phone and being passed all around from BB support, Cashstar, and I don’t even know who else and nobody can resolve my issue and I keep getting passed to somebody else. I need assistance IMMEDIATELY
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Re: E-gift card refund not appearing

Hello, Dtrox84,


Thank you for your patience as we got to your correspondence. We appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment. We accept many forms of payment for online orders, and we certainly expect our customers to be refunded properly when cancellations occur. Although it is possible Cashstar may need to be involved, our team would be happy to take the time to review the order history with you.


Your Private Message was recently received, and we’ll be connecting with you there soon. There are a few pieces of information we will need to verify, before we can proceed.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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